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An Alternative to Oral Pain Medication: Using Topical Medication to Address Chronic Pain

A lot of attention surrounds the abuse and addiction rates of prescription oral pain medications. Although a suitable choice for acute pain following traumatic injury or surgery, they may not be the best option for chronic pain. Topical pain medication has the potential to treat, or help treat, pain with fewer side effects. In this article, we cover the different types of topical pain medications and why they may be a better choice for chronic pain.

Assuring Quality in the Coastal Compounding Lab

Definition of Quality with Highlighter
Coastal takes quality very seriously in its compounding lab. From constant testing and equipment validation to the dedication of our lab technicians and pharmacists, we are committed to providing you with the high-quality pharmaceuticals you need. In this month’s compounding corner, we outline key processes we use to make this happen.

Custom Veterinary Medication Through Compounding

Veterinarian Administering Medicine to Cat
Just like us, pets can have special medication needs that cannot be addressed with mass-produced pharmaceuticals. Custom compounded medication can address special needs in ways such as creating custom dosage levels for animals of various sizes, using preferred flavors like tuna for cats, concentrating liquids to distribute in a small amount for birds, creating drugs that have been discontinued by a manufacturer, or using alternate ingredients when allergies exist. Learn more about your options!

Compounding for Custom Tailored Hormone Therapy

Hormone therapy should not be approached with a “one size fits all” mentality. Some women respond much better when a hormone therapy formula is developed specifically for their body and hormone levels. Pharmaceutical compounding with bioidentical hormones (hormones biochemically identical to those produced by the human body) is a great way to break free from traditional mass-produced hormone therapy by tailoring the medication to a woman’s specific needs.

What is pharmaceutical compounding?

Many people are unaware of the specialized practice of compounding pharmaceuticals. They think their only options are the mass-produced medications from big pharmaceutical companies. Compounded pharmaceuticals offer specialized options for better treatment results. The possibilities are practically endless.

Choices for Menopause Symptoms

As women grow older, hormones start declining, and without therapy, the symptoms of menopause grow worse. With the loss of estrogen, the vaginal epithelium becomes atrophic and physiological lubrication is reduced. Often, the result is vaginal dryness, irritation, itching, burning, and painful intercourse. All these can lead to decreased libido, creating distress for both the woman and her partner.

Product Spotlight: CPW Healing and Moisturizing Gel

Our compounding department is up to date on the newest technology for creams, gels and topical product bases. We have finally been able to private label this superior moisturizing gel to reduce the appearance of scars. This product has a silicone base, known for its ability to hydrate and protect delicate skin and fresh scars.... Read more »

Bio-identical Hormones and Compounding Myths

  I thought this may be a good time to talk about bio-identical hormones and some of the myths associated with compounding. Bio-identical hormones, like all compounded medications, are made from FDA and USP registered materials used by pharmaceutical manufactures. Their preparation is well regulated by state boards of pharmacy and also must meet national... Read more »