Author: Stephen Drapeau, RPh, JD

Stephen has over 20 years of experience working in various pharmacy settings, including compounding, retail and specialty pharmacy and is a third generation independent pharmacist. He welcomes the opportunity to use these accumulated experiences to provide patients and practitioners with the most comprehensive pharmaceutical based support. Stephen has also practiced as an attorney in both Maine and Massachusetts and has used his experience in both areas to serve as a consultant in medication malpractice cases and worked with District Attorney offices as a consultant in medication-induced OUI cases. These experiences have created a firm belief that through counseling and education, individuals are empowered with greater knowledge on the effects of prescription medications. Stephen is one of the managing partners of Coastal Pharmacy & Wellness.

An Alternative to Oral Pain Medication: Using Topical Medication to Address Chronic Pain

A lot of attention surrounds the abuse and addiction rates of prescription oral pain medications. Although a suitable choice for acute pain following traumatic injury or surgery, they may not be the best option for chronic pain. Topical pain medication has the potential to treat, or help treat, pain with fewer side effects. In this article, we cover the different types of topical pain medications and why they may be a better choice for chronic pain.