About Our Services

What makes you different from other pharmacies?

Our focus is on helping our patients feel better, feel healthy and feel confident! Our team is willing to take the time to answer your questions. We coordinate care with your health care provider and offer guidance and recommendations on wellness programs and nutritional supplements to enhance health and complement other prescription medications. We prepare personalized medications through compounding which can create options for medication management. In many cases, these services are not available at retail chain pharmacies.

Do you deliver?

We offer mail delivery of all prescription medications, at a nominal charge ($3 for USPS and $10 for UPS). Temperature-sensitive items are an additional charge, due refrigeration and expedited shipping.

How do I transfer my prescription to Coastal?

With your permission, we will contact your current pharmacy or physician on your behalf to transfer your prescriptions. Please not that we only fill compounded prescriptions, not retail prescriptions (e.g. Liptor, Amoxicillan, etc.).

About Compounding

What is compounding?

Many patients have medical circumstances or unique needs that require a customized delivery system, dosage, strength or formulation of their medication. In these cases, manufactured medications cannot always meet the needs of the patient. Working closely with physicians and healthcare providers, our highly trained compounding pharmacist and certified lab technicians can create custom tailored prescription compounds designed to meet a patient’s specific requirements. All medications are compounded in our on-site, state of the art laboratory. Click here to download our brochure and learn more.

About Nutritional Supplements

Are you able to help me understand which nutritional supplements might be right for me?

At Coastal Pharmacy & Wellness, our highly educated and experienced nutritional team is an important resource for healthcare providers and patients. Our wellness experts offer guidance on nutritional supplements, as well as the combined use of natural and conventional medicines, including potential drug-nutrient and drug-herb interactions. Our recommendations are based on up-to-date, reliable, scientific information, and we work closely with healthcare providers to devise a personalized nutritional strategy tailored to each patient’s unique needs. We encourage you to come in and talk with us.  Click here to download our brochure and learn more.

Are nutritional supplements safe to take if I am taking prescription medications?

While many supplements can be safely used by patients, some products may impact the action or the effect of some prescription medications. Some common drugs, such as cholesterol-lowering statins and antibiotics, are linked to nutrient depletion, making supplements an important part of overall patient care. However, some interactions may be potentially harmful and should be avoided. The targeted use of nutritional supplements can reduce adverse side effects, increase patient comfort and compliance, and improve therapeutic efficacy and clinical outcomes. Our pharmacists and nutraceutical experts will work closely with you and your health care providers to ensure safe supplement interactions.