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Essential Seasonal Wellness Advice from Area Specialists

Snowshoeing on a Lake with Mountains
If you were to rate the seasons by the level of health challenges they present, winter would be a perfect 10. It's cold, it's dark, no one wants to exercise, we want comfort food and extra fat to stay warm, and the holidays? To say winter seasonal wellness is a challenge would be a major understatement. We've reached out to our expert friends for advice and share it with you here.

Acetaminophen for Emotional Pain? Consider Your Options

For those who found themselves listening to the NPR Morning Edition this morning, there was an interesting discussion regarding a potential connection between acetaminophen use (brand name: Tylenol) and reducing the pain of hurt feelings. They reported on research that indicates acetaminophen can not only reduce physical pain but has the potential to reduce mental pain as well. We’d like to offer some additional insight into relieving the pain of social rejection through this common over-the-counter medication and offer some alternatives.

Coastal's Moving to 29 Marginal Way!

We're moving!
We’re excited to announce that Coastal will be moving down the street in December! Why the move? Our current lease expires at the end of 2017 and, due to renovations required for our compounding lab, it's the perfect time to make a move and start a new space from scratch. We'll be opening at the new location - 29 Marginal Way - on Tuesday, January 2nd. Stay tuned for updates!

Diagnosis and Treatment of Vaginal Atrophy in Menopausal Women

middle aged woman sitting on bed
If you experience vaginal itching, discomfort with intercourse, or urinary burning and leaking, it may be atrophic vaginitis. Jay outlines common symptoms and treatment options to assist you in discussing with your practitioner.

Andropause: What It Is and What You Can Do About "Male Menopause"

Andropause is a collection of symptoms attributed to a gradual decline in testosterone levels including fatigue, mood changes, lowered libido and erectile dysfunction. Although a natural part of aging, there are ways to reduce the effect of those symptoms. Educating yourself on treatment options in tandem with guidance from an experienced health practitioner is key to managing this transition smoothly.

The Future of Medicine: Genetic Testing to Tailor Your Treatment Plan

The common belief used to be that your family health history was your health destiny. Genetic testing can provide insights into lifestyle changes that can lead you to a different destiny. Advances in genomics have revealed a greater story about how genes affect health. Learn more about that story and how it can help you achieve greater health.

Preparing Your Child for Getting Back to School

Boy Sitting in His Desk in Class
Preparing kids for back to school requires more than just a shopping trip or two. Vaccinations, physician visits and mental preparation top the list. We cover the key things to cover when preparing for the school year.

Assuring Quality in the Coastal Compounding Lab

Definition of Quality with Highlighter
Coastal takes quality very seriously in its compounding lab. From constant testing and equipment validation to the dedication of our lab technicians and pharmacists, we are committed to providing you with the high-quality pharmaceuticals you need. In this month’s compounding corner, we outline key processes we use to make this happen.

3 Steps to Handling Your Child's Medication at School

Health Professional Handing Pills to Patient
The easiest way to handle medication administration, is to arrange for dosing to fall outside of school hours. Sometimes that’s not possible. In that case, here are three tips on how to handle it smoothly.

Custom Veterinary Medication Through Compounding

Veterinarian Administering Medicine to Cat
Just like us, pets can have special medication needs that cannot be addressed with mass-produced pharmaceuticals. Custom compounded medication can address special needs in ways such as creating custom dosage levels for animals of various sizes, using preferred flavors like tuna for cats, concentrating liquids to distribute in a small amount for birds, creating drugs that have been discontinued by a manufacturer, or using alternate ingredients when allergies exist. Learn more about your options!