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Everyday Health: Hormone Balance

Making Decisions on Hormone Balance
Hormone balance is different for every woman. While some women can tolerate minor imbalances, others need intervention to bring their levels back to a comfortable level. In this article, Carrie addresses the following tools that can aid in getting you back on the road to healthy and happy. 
  • Lifestyle change
  • Stress management
  • Natural options for relief
  • Hormone therapy
  • When you know your options, you can direct your own healthy change. 

    Essential Summer Products

    Summer Vacation Suitcase
    It's summer in Maine!!! Time for vacations, sun, and fun. Whether you're on the beach, trail or sitting in your backyard, we have the products that will help make your summer more enjoyable. Here are our top picks for the season.

    Compounding for Custom Tailored Hormone Therapy

    Hormone therapy should not be approached with a “one size fits all” mentality. Some women respond much better when a hormone therapy formula is developed specifically for their body and hormone levels. Pharmaceutical compounding with bioidentical hormones (hormones biochemically identical to those produced by the human body) is a great way to break free from traditional mass-produced hormone therapy by tailoring the medication to a woman’s specific needs.

    What is pharmaceutical compounding?

    Many people are unaware of the specialized practice of compounding pharmaceuticals. They think their only options are the mass-produced medications from big pharmaceutical companies. Compounded pharmaceuticals offer specialized options for better treatment results. The possibilities are practically endless.

    The Dynamic Healing Power of Homeopathy

    Homeopathic Remedies
    According to the World Health Organization, homeopathy is the second largest type of therapy in the world. It is used successfully by millions of people around the globe to treat acute medical conditions and chronic diseases. Learn more about how it works and how you can incorporate it into your health care regimen.

    Conventional and Natural Treatment Options for Allergy Relief

    Woman holding flowers with gas mask.
    The advent of spring means the arrival of higher pollen counts and, unfortunately for some, bad allergies. To enjoy the season with less discomfort, our pharmacists and wellness specialists offer a few conventional and natural options for relief. We know that if you suffer from allergies, you want all options on the table.

    Supplement Considerations for People with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

    Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) presents a range of digestive issues that cause general discomfort. Bloating, abdominal pain, gas, diarrhea, and constipation are all signs that your digestive system isn't functioning well. These issues make it hard for your body to get the nutrients it needs to support its many systems.

    If you can't absorb an adequate amount of nutrients from your diet, supplements may be in order. But those with digestive issues and sensitivities can't pick just any product on the shelves. In this post, we share some considerations you'll want to keep in mind when picking your supplements.


    Browntail Moth Season is Here - Get the Facts Now

    Browntail Moth Caterpillar
    The Maine Forest Service has warned of an increase in browntail moth caterpillar infestation in 2017. Although activity is at its highest May through July, cases have already been reported. Find out what you can do to reduce your chances of coming into contact with the toxic caterpillar hairs and what you can do if you develop the rash.

    Tom's Essential Lyme Disease Resources

    Those of us with limited knowledge on Lyme disease can spend weeks Googling until we're completely overwhelmed with information. That information would fall within the wide spectrum of great to terrible and we'd have no idea which was which. Tom Stewart, on the other hand, was forced to immerse himself in the huge pool of knowledge and wade through the great to terrible. We can benefit from Tom's research through the comprehensive list of resources and protocols he has amassed since his 2010 diagnosis.

    Tale of a Chronic Lyme Journey

    Tom Stewart
    Tom Stewart can pinpoint the exact day that his life was forever changed by Lyme disease. It was a day that his enormous energy dropped to nearly a standstill. Like most Lyme patients, he endured multiple misdiagnoses until getting the correct one. Through adhering to an aggressive and holistic treatment plan, he has gone in and out of remission. It's not an easy road to travel. Tom shares his story and prevention recommendations often, in order to raise awareness and help others. We encourage you to learn as much as possible about Lyme. By doing so, you can expedite a diagnosis or hopefully avoid it altogether.