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Non-Hormonal Treatment Options for Menopausal Women

Peri and post-menopausal women may sometimes experience vaginal discomfort such as dryness, itching, burning and/or painful intercourse. This is commonly referred to as vaginal atrophy. Hormone replacement is not the only alternative to treating VA. In this article, we discuss non-hormonal treatment options.

Your Cold Season Cheat Sheet

Sick family sitting on couch.
Follow these tips from our wellness specialist Joel Hall, to decrease your chances of getting sick. If you're already feeling it, he covers that too!

Product Spotlight: Enhanced Stress Relief


Who's this Joel guy, anyway?

Joel Hall looking in a bag.
Joel Hall is our go-to guy for anything nutrition and supplement related. Here's our attempt at giving you some insight into the ever-insightful Mr. Hall.

A Response to Recent Meta-analysis on Omega-3s and Cardiovascular Disease

Salmon on Cutting Board
Results of a Cochrane Review meta-analysis on omega-3s fatty acids and cardiovascular disease (CVD) have generated many news articles proclaiming that omega-3s do not help reduce CVD events and mortality so you may want to skip them altogether. We, along with Nordic Naturals, give our take on the news.

Natural Insect Repellents: Options for Avoiding Toxic Chemicals

Applying insect repellent to arm.
Bug bites are more than just a nuisance. Those bugs can carry an array of nasty diseases like Lyme, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and dengue. Dr. Bartlett covers some natural options for avoiding bites and avoiding toxic chemicals.

Studies Recommend Acupuncture for Chronic Pain Treatment, Part 2

Acupuncture Needles and Model
In this article, part 2 of a series on acupuncture for pain, Dr. Bartlett reveals more research that supports its use for chronic pain treatment. As large players in health care start supporting alternative therapies, it's becoming clear that the time has come for mainstreaming alternative therapies for pain. Relying on opioids as a first-line pain therapy has proved to be a bad idea. It's time to give ancient practices their rightful place at the table.

Understanding and Treating Lyme Disease: It Takes a Collaborative Approach

Lyme disease is an incredibly complex disease with a steady rising incidence rate. (Maine has the highest incidence rate in the country!) Its treatment requires a collaborative effort, employing multiple wellness modalities. Dr. Mazone shares insights on its complexity and what can be done to address it.

Browntail Moth Infestation and Health Issues - Get the Facts Now

Browntail Moth Caterpillar
The Maine Forest Service continues to warn of increases in browntail moth caterpillar infestation. Although activity is at its highest May through July, cases of the browntail moth rash can start as early as April. Find out what you can do to reduce your chances of coming into contact with the toxic caterpillar hairs and what you can do if you develop the rash.

An Alternative to Oral Pain Medication: Using Topical Medication to Address Chronic Pain

A lot of attention surrounds the abuse and addiction rates of prescription oral pain medications. Although a suitable choice for acute pain following traumatic injury or surgery, they may not be the best option for chronic pain. Topical pain medication has the potential to treat, or help treat, pain with fewer side effects. In this article, we cover the different types of topical pain medications and why they may be a better choice for chronic pain.