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A Chat with Joe Lorello, RPh

Joe Lorello, RPh and Coastal Principal
Joe has been a staple in the Portland pharmacy scene for over 40 years. Many people know him by his easy-going nature, kind patience, and countless entertaining stories. He's had many decades-long relationships with patients who may not know more about him than that. We thought we'd give you a little more dirt. 

Gluten-Free Treat Recipes from Small Biz Saturday

Cranberry Almond Biscotti
The treats we served on Small Business Saturday were a huge hit, with many people requesting the recipes. We decided we'd share them with everyone. Bon appetit!

The Reason for the Season (Cold and Flu Season)

Sick family sitting on couch.
The holiday season brings cheer to millions and we tend to celebrate with wild abandon. We often pay for all of that celebrating with a new year cold. Joel shares why this is and some prevention tips.

A Chat with Our New Wellness Specialist, Courtney Maiorino

Courtney Maiorino
If you have visited our store since August, you have probably seen our new wellness specialist, Courtney Maiorino. We appreciate the special role our wellness specialists play in your health. You want to know about the people who guide you. It is our pleasure to introduce you to Courtney.

An Interview with Carrie Levine, CNM

Carrie Levine, CNM
Carrie Levine, CNM is a women's health practitioner who is near and dear to our hearts. We regularly hear patients exclaim how much they love her and we totally get it. Learn about the path that lead her to providing exceptional care to women.

Natural Treatment Options for Anxiety

While millions of Americans suffer regularly from anxiety disorders, most of them do not seek or receive appropriate treatment. There are many natural alternatives that may work for treating anxiety, helping you avoid unpleasant side effects from prescription medications.

DPA: The Missing Omega-3 Fatty Acid

Salmon Filet, Herbs, and Lemon
DPA is an essential element in fish oil that has avoided the spotlight for a long time. Find out what it is and why it's so important.

Bridging the Gap Between Allopathic and Integrative Medicine: An Interview with Dr. Sean McCloy


Browntail Moth Rash and Infestation - Get the Facts Now

Browntail Moth Caterpillar
The Maine Forest Service continues to warn of increases in browntail moth caterpillar infestation. Although activity is at its highest May through July, cases of the browntail moth rash can start as early as April. Find out what you can do to reduce your chances of coming into contact with the toxic caterpillar hairs and what you can do if you develop the rash.

Introducing Meredith Downing, PharmD

Meredith Downing, PharmD - Principal
The entire team is excited to introduce our new partner and pharmacist, Meredith Downing, PharmD. Meredith comes to us with fifteen years’ pharmacy experience, with six of those being in compounding. Read more about Meredith and the other partners.