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Strength Training for Aging Bodies
Held May 25th, 2021

Strength training is an important part of ensuring your quality of life as you age. When you lose muscle mass, you lose the ability to do the things you enjoy in life. Even simple things, like scrubbing the floor! Evan will guide you through the things you can do to increase your strength in a manageable way. It’s not all about boot camp and CrossFit.

Have you ever heard someone say “I’m too old to exercise?”  I think we all have at some point in our lives but the ironic thing is, exercising should never stop no matter what age you are.  It actually becomes more important to exercise as you get older and statistics to support this. 

Strength training has been shown to lower mortality rates, lower the risk of cancer-related deaths, lower the risk of falling, and give an overall increase in the quality of life? 

There are so many more benefits to strength training than I explained but you get the picture.  In this webinar, I’ll be explaining why strength training is essential as you get older.  A strong body is a healthy body!


Evan Amell, BS, FNC, Head Coach/Owner, EA Fitness and Performance

More About Evan

Balance Improvement and Fall Prevention
Held Wednesday,  April 28th, 2021

Falls are one of the leading causes of disability in older adults…but it doesn’t have to be. Many aspects of falls are preventable. In this balance and falls prevention workshop, Dr. Phil Finemore, PT, DPT will discuss the five main areas of our body that contribute to balance and how we can reverse the aging process in some of these key areas to prevent falls from happening in the first place!


Philip Finemore, PT, DPT, Cert. DN, Cert. VRS, Owner of WorkFitME
More About Dr. Finemore

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Acupuncture for the Treatment of Infertility
Held April 15th, 2021

Acupuncture has been used to treat infertility since at least 476 BC, and this body of knowledge regarding the use of acupuncture to treat infertility, and other obstetric and gynecological diseases has expanded over the millennia. Acupuncture is still being used to assist with reproduction as well as an integrative approach to in vitro fertilization (IVF).

Acupuncture has proven effective in the treatment of infertility, as either a stand-alone treatment or as an integrative approach with orthodox medicine. Two out of three couples use complementary therapies instead of or along with orthodox medical treatments. Donald Charlson will provide an overview of how acupuncture is able to assist couples in having a child and answer questions during a live streaming presentation. He has been practicing acupuncture and Chinese Medicine for over two decades and has assisted several women in having a successful pregnancy. 


Donald Charlson, MS, MBA, RN, LAc, DOM, Licensed Acupuncturist, Family Chiropractic Associates
More About Donald

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Foundations of Wholeness
Held March 30th, 2021

Wholeness resides in imperfection. Although you may currently feel like a mess, your health can be restored. Nutritious food, a healthy lifestyle, and balanced physiology all contribute to your energy, serenity, and sanity. But knowing it and doing it, are two different things. 

Your inner knowing and lived experience are valuable sources of information when making decisions. Sometimes they’re not enough to resolve a health issue. That’s when science and support are essential. Carrie Levine, The Whole Life Midwife, will help turn you towards the right path.


Carrie Levine, CNM, Whole Woman Health
More About Carrie

Get started now!

Sign up to receive Carrie’s Foundations of Wholeness mini-guide at www.beautifulmessywholeness.com

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Rotator Cuff Injury, Prevention, and Treatment
Held March 17th, 2021

Dr. Phil Finemore, PT, DPT of WorkFitME Mobile PT will discuss the most common cause of shoulder pain, inflammation in the rotator cuff, and how to treat and prevent it without the use of pain medications or surgery. In the webinar, the most common causes of rotator cuff injury and pain will be addressed, along with tips and tricks to help relieve shoulder pain whether it is new or chronic and lingering. 


Philip Finemore, PT, DPT, Cert. DN, Cert. VRS, Owner of WorkFitME
More About Dr. Finemore

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Prescribing Low-Dose Naltrexone (LDN): What We Know, Mechanisms and Evidence
Held Wednesday,  March 17th, 2021

Individuals who suffer from symptoms of gastrointestinal, autoimmune, dermatological and pain conditions make up 80% of the patient population. The good news? Low-dose naltrexone (LDN) has been studied recently as a potential treatment option. Please join us for a free, live webinar that will provide insight into the science, physiology, and mechanisms of action of LDN, and answer your questions about the many conditions it may be beneficial for:

  • Autoimmune disorders
  • Chronic pain
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Arthritis
  • Anxiety
  • PTSD
  • Inflammatory conditions of the skin
  • Veterinary conditions
  • Hashimoto’s disease
  • Crohn’s disease
  • And more!

Sebastian Denison, RPh, FAARM (candidate) | PCCA Clinical Compounding Pharmacist
More About Sebastian and LDN


Are you a prescriber interested in watching the recording? Contact Drew Gray at agray@coastalpharmacyandwellness.com.

Managing Insomnia, Anxiety, and Seasonal Affective Disorder with Acupuncture and Self-Care Techniques
Held February 11th, 2021

Maine is known for its four seasons; however, Maine winters test the hardiest soul’s resilience with its shorter days and cold weather from October to March that can exacerbate anxiety, insomnia, and also affect those who are susceptible to Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Don will be giving an overview about acupuncture and the treatment of anxiety, insomnia, or Seasonal Affective Disorder. Research has demonstrated acupuncture’s effectiveness for these illnesses. He will also talk about the self-care for these ailments and provide information to help make Maine winters a little more enjoyable.


Donald Charlson, RN, LAc
Licensed Acupuncturist, Scarborough Family Chiropractic Associates
More About Donald

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Update on COVID-19 Prevention, Testing, and Treatment
Held January 27th, 2021

Family physician Dr. Ben Hagopian, pharmacist Drew Gray, and wellness specialist Joel Hall will cover COVID-19 prevention (including vaccines), testing, and treatment options.


Drew Gray, PharmD, Pharmacist and Owner, Coastal Pharmacy & Wellness
Joel Hall, Wellness Specialist, Coastal Pharmacy & Wellness
Ben Hagopian, MD, MPH, Maine Integrative Family Care
More About Dr. Hagopian

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Conservative Back Pain Management
Held January 13th, 2021

Dr. Phil Finemore will discuss how you can effectively treat and prevent back pain with conservative measures, avoiding the use of opioid pain medication and surgery while saving you money AND spending less time in pain!


Philip Finemore, PT, DPT, Cert. DN, Cert. VRS, Owner of WorkFitME
More About Dr. Finemore

Dr. Finemore founded WorkFitME Mobile Physical Therapy to help busy Maine professionals improve their physical performance so they can live a happy, healthy, and wealthy life with their loved ones. He is passionate about helping people ensure their number one asset in life (their body and health) gives them the biggest return on investment: an abundant life doing what they love with who they love. 

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Creatures of Habit: How to Form Self-Care Habits That Stick
Held December 29th, 2020

When it comes to eating well and exercising, do you know what to do but still struggle to do it?
Do you have really good intentions? Do you get yourself psyched up to start next Monday? Next month? Next year?
If you know what to do, and have really good intentions, but don’t have the self-care habits you really want to have, Mayo Clinic Certified Wellness Coach Jason Gootman can help.
In this workshop, Jason will walk you through the seven essential steps required to form a rock-solid self-care habit.
You’ll walk away from this workshop:

  1. Prepared and inspired to confidently build one or more self-care habits
  2. Equipped with a troubleshooting plan for when you slip (slipping is part of the process; how you respond to it is key)
  3. Aware of the common pitfalls people encounter when forming a self-care habit so you can avoid them

You’re encouraged to come to this workshop with a self-care habit in mind that you want to form in the coming weeks and months.

Jason Gootman, MS, Rise and Thrive

Jason Gootman is a Mayo Clinic Certified Wellness Coach as well as a certified nutritionist and certified exercise physiologist. As an expert in behavior change and habit formation, Jason helps people turn knowledge and intention into action, habits, and results. For more about Jason, visit www.ithriveeachday.wordpress.com/about-jason-gootman

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WEBINAR: The New Paradigm in Well-Being and Healthy Weight Management
Held September 22nd, 2020

A presentation of evidence-based methods for sustained weight loss and well-being by Jason Gootman, MS

  • Learn how to lose weight, keep it off, and do so in the context of boosting your overall well-being
  • Learn how to work with yourself not against yourself
  • Learn how to permanently overcome yo-yo dieting
  • Learn how to permanently overcome compensatory eating (commonly referred to as “emotional eating”)

Jason Gootman, MS, Rise and Thrive

Jason Gootman, MS, is a wellness coach who is famous for helping people who formerly struggled with taking care of themselves to become really well from the inside out. If you’ve tried and failed more times than you can count, Jason will end this cycle immediately and lastingly with his approach that turns the popular, dogmatic, guaranteed-to-fail approaches on their heads. Jason’s technical credentials include: Master of Science in Exercise Physiology, Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science, Certified Sports Nutritionist, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.

For more about Jason, visit www.ithriveeachday.wordpress.com/about-jason-gootman.

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Pediatric Lyme, PANS, and PANDAS: Diagnosis and Treatment
March 12th, 2020

Has your child developed symptoms other doctors are having difficulty diagnosing and treating? This could include physical symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, joint pains, muscle pains, numbness, tingling abdominal discomfort or digestive upset; or mental/emotional symptoms of anxiety, depression, insomnia, irritability, or rage. If so, this may be the talk for you.

Join Drs. Aguiar and Zarembka of Scarborough Integrative Health, a leading clinic in Maine focused on the diagnosis and effective treatment of difficult to treat illnesses, as they delve into the world of chronic infectious disease as it relates to the pediatric population. Focuses of this talk with include recognizing and treating Pediatric Acute-Onset Neuropsychiatric Syndrome (PANS), chronic tick-borne infections, viral infections, and more.

Dr. Jacob Aguiar, ND, Co-Founder of Scarborough Integrative Health
Steven Zarembka, ND, Scarborough Integrative Health

Hypermobility and Ehler-Danlos Syndrome: Could this be a cause for your pain?

February 27th, 2020

If you or your child experience ongoing, musculoskeletal pain in multiple areas of the body, such as muscles, bones, and joints; and are frustrated that you’re unable to find an explanation, this session is for you. 

In this presentation, we will review hypermobile conditions including the new label of “hypermobility spectrum disorder.” Learn about hypermobility here.

The presentation was created specifically for patients with an interest in the integrative and holistic care of hypermobility and pain.  We will review the underlying causes and the many manifestations of hypermobility syndromes.  Hypermobility is a condition that afflicts both children and adults, and we invite anyone interested in learning more about this condition as it relates to your own health or your child’s health.

Attendees will leave the session with actionable knowledge and practical tips to:

  1. Maximize function and health; and
  2. Treat pain due to hypermobility.

Jeffrey Kreher, MD, Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer of Wellstead Health
Learn More About Dr. Kreher

This session will be presented by Jeffrey Kreher, MD – practicing physician in primary care functional medicine and sports medicine; and Chief Medical Officer with wellstead health.

Wellstead Health is a medical practice that melds expertise in functional and traditional medicine to guide patients toward optimal health. We support our patient community as a dedicated wellness ally offering an individualized, collaborative and science-based approach that focuses on uncovering the root causes of disease.

Dr. Kreher currently accepts patients with wellstead health via telehealth visits. Wellstead health is a Massachusetts based practice and will be opening an office in southern Maine by year end 2020.  Beginning January, 2020 – wellstead health will be offering wellness workshops at West End Village Studio in Portland.

Practitioner Event:
Frequency Specific Microcurrent Therapy (FSM) for the Treatment of Pain and Inflammation
Thursday, February 13th, 2020

Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) is a modality that treats pain from various causes. It is helpful in a wide range of other conditions that include concussions, PTSD, chronic regional pain syndrome, uterine fibroids and cysts, certain infections, post-surgical pain and much more.  FSM is a safe and non-invasive therapy, and, depending on the condition, results can be seen quickly. The FSM device uses milliamp current that is 1000 times less current than that of a TENS machine. The device has two channels: one channel uses frequencies that resonate with specific tissues (tendons, ligaments, nerve, etc.) and the other channel uses frequencies that improve various physiological functions (decreases inflammation, lessens pain, softens scar tissue, etc.). Combining physiological functions on one channel with various anatomical structures on the other results in profound positive effects on the client/patient to affect positive changes in problems being treated.

FSM is a therapy used as far back as the early 1900s by both Osteopathic doctors and MDs. A small battery-operated machine delivers specific frequencies in the form of electrons through adhesive pads or damp towels on the skin.  It is thought that these electrons penetrate the mitochondria and affect cell signaling. FSM has been proven to raise ATP production by up to 500% and has been shown to decrease certain inflammatory cytokines by over 60% in 4 minutes.

In 1995, Carolyn McMakin, D.C. reintroduced FSM into practice using clinical and scientific studies to have it approved for pain by the FDA. FSM therapy is now being taught to practitioners and used all over the world in popular clinics such as the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio and many others.

During this class, you will learn:

  • The history of FSM
  • How FSM differs from other therapies including TENS and PEMF machines
  • The science behind the FSM device
  • What kinds of conditions can you treat with FSM
  • Case studies of clinical practice
  • A live demonstration(s) on the use of the machine
  • Question and answer period

Heather McLean, MS, CNS and Carol Wu, Certified Advanced Rolfer

Dr. Keelyn Wu, DO and Dr. Jeff Greenfield, DO of Osteopathic Healthcare of Maine
More About Drs. Wu and Greenfield

Practitioner Event
Mycotoxin Illness: Evaluation and Treatment for the Practitioner
January 23rd, 2020

Mold toxins (mycotoxins) play a large role as causative agents chronic complex disease. Their impact on health can be quite substantial, and when mycotoxin illness is coupled with other conditions, like Tick-Borne Diseases, it can make those other conditions extremely difficult or impossible to successfully treat. It is quite prevalent, and there is need for more practitioners to diagnose and treat the many people who have this. In this talk we will help the practitioner become familiar with history and background information on this illness, symptom complex, diagnostic criteria and treatment regimes. The methodology will focus more on the work of Joseph Brewer, MD and Neil Nathan, MD (see Dr. Nathan’s recent book Toxic).

Dr. Jeff Greenfield, DO, Osteopathic Healthcare of Maine

Jeff Greenfield, who came to Maine in 2016, worked alongside Neil Nathan, MD at Gordon Medical Center in Santa Rosa, California as a colleague. At Gordon, they were on the frontier of treating complex illnesses like this first hand. There, Dr. Greenfield honed his skills in combining osteopathy with treating some of the sickest of the sick.

Dr. Keelyn Wu, DO, Osteopathic Healthcare of Maine

Dr. Wu is well known in Maine for his osteopathic skills and treating complex illnesses. He also has been mentored by Dr. Nathan. Together, Dr. Greenfield and Dr. Wu want to start the process of educating interested practitioners so we may help more people.

Learn More About Drs. Greenfield and Wu

Design a Pediatric Wellness Wheel:
A Tool to Visualize Your Child’s Health & Wellbeing
January 9th, 2020

Join Lindy in creating a wellness wheel to support your child’s health, happiness, and resilience.

This process uses the visual representation of a circle to identify strengths & imbalances, that form the foundation of physical, and emotional well- being.

Lindy’s informative, interactive presentation will teach visionary concepts about Pediatric Integrative Medicine. Attendees will learn practical strategies to turn life from chaos to calm.

  • The interconnectedness of nutrition, sleep hygiene and discerning use of screens
  • Decoding medical paradigms to sift through infinite data on the internet
  • Levelheaded strategies to boost focus & learning
  • Basic supplements that can support cornerstones of health

Discussion will include, but not be limited to:

  • Brain-gut health
  • Nutrigenomics (how food affects our genes)
  • Sleep architecture
  • Mindfulness & movement
  • Environmental influences on epigenetics

Please bring a clipboard or something hard to write/ draw on. Paper & colored pencils will be offered to those who want to draw their personal wellness wheel during the presentation.

Linda S. Grigel MHP, PA-C, Fal River Health Center

Approaching medicine with a reverence for the mind-body connection, Lindy Grigel MHP, PA-C, established Fal River Health Center in 2004, to provide innovative patient-centered care and wellness education.

With 40+ years of clinical expertise, she examines the source of health imbalance and provides effective treatment supported by evidence-based research.

Lindy is well known in our community for her acumen and wisdom.

“Sometimes in life, you meet someone that you could not imagine life without thereafter.” – AB

To learn more about Lindy and her practice, visit www.falriverhealthcenter.com

Watch the Full Presentation on YouTube

Hemp-Derived CBD: Just the Facts
November 13th, 2019

Woman in Hemp Field Holding Plant

What’s the deal with CBD? Cannabidiol (CBD) is a hemp-derived nutrient that has been receiving a lot of attention for its benefits in health and well-being. It’s likely that you’ve heard from someone who is using it to control their stress or pain. Despite its popularity, there is a lot of confusion about this complex dietary ingredient. Let’s break the facts down together.

  • Learn about the discovery of CBD, its natural sources, including the differences between true agricultural hemp and cannabis
  • Did you know that you make cannabis-like compounds in your brain?Learn about your endocannabinoid system (ECS), and how crucial it is to maintaining your day-to-day health
  • Learn about the meaning of “full-spectrum hemp extract” and why it is important in choosing a CBD product
  • Determine why hemp-derived CBD may be the best option for your health


Miles Sarill, National Educator with CV Sciences

A Holistic Approach to Managing Anxiety
November 7th, 2019

Happy Woman and Child on the Beach

Anxiety is a symptom that can reflect a number of deficiencies and imbalances. Anxiety can also point to opportunities for strengthening communication skills/relationships, spiritual health, environmental health, and occupational/financial health. There are so many practical methods for managing anxiety that do not involve prescription medications! Evelyn Bunce, DNP, FNP-C will share a comprehensive and holistic approach to thriving with anxiety; perfect timing amidst a busy holiday season! Be inspired to welcome anxiety and use it to your advantage to grow in your health!


Dr. Evelyn Bunce, DNP, FNP-C, Atlantic Family Health

A Chinese Medicine Approach to a Healthy Fall Transition
October 28th, 2019

Chinese Medicine with Fall Leaves

Learn how to eat, drink, breathe, think, and dress for success this autumn and winter!

Join Chinese medicine physician Alexa Gilmore for the inside scoop on how to stay healthy and vibrant in body, mind, and spirit as we transition into the colder, darker days ahead.

Autumn arrives and we bear witness to the seasonal shift in our external environment, but we often neglect to acknowledge that same shift happening within us, in our own internal environment.  The more we cultivate an awareness around these subtle shifts and an appreciation for them, the more we can stay tuned in to the energy of the season, and the stronger, healthier, and more resilient we become.

Alexa’s enthusiasm is sure to put a smile on your face, and you’ll leave with practical, actionable tools and tips that will transform your closet, vanity, kitchen, and perspective into the bastions of seasonal wellness that they are!

Alexa Gilmore, LAc, MAcOM, LMT, The Origin Center

Watch the Full Presentation on YouTube

Womb Care: Nourishing Your Reproductive System for Optimal Fertility
Thursday, October 24th, 2019

Couple With Hands formed into Heart

There are many paths that invite us to tend our fertility, whether our journey on this road is long or short. Fertility can be a joyous gift while equally posing a frustrating challenge. Together we’ll explore accessible herbal strategies to support the emotional body, the uterus, and the endocrine system whether planning for a family in the next year or already being on this journey for longer than hoped. Travel home with at least five tips that can be incorporated immediately, and a number of additional suggestions.

Mischa Schuler, Herbal Practitioner and Founder of Wild Carrot Herbs

Alternative Concepts in Mental Health
October 17th, 2019

Over my career as a psychiatrist I have searched for the real reasons that cause the terrible suffering that result from mental health issues.  Please join me for a discussion on new perspectives and innovative pathways to be explored when navigating a solution for emotional suffering and other psychiatric issues.  Some of the topics we can explore include nutrition, biomolecular approaches, lifestyle changes, the transformation of differences into gifts, meditation and energy psychology.

Among the things you will learn:

  • How psychotropic medications affect the brain and body.
  • When their use may be appropriate.
  • Nutrition’s role in mental health.
  • How your mental focus on can affect your mental health.
  • The role of meditation and its roots in neuroscience and quantum physics.

Dr. Pam Shervanick, Co-Founder of Syntropy Global

The Human Givens Approach for Mental Health and Wellness
October 10th, 2019

Woman Reading Human Givens Book

My experience with PTSD led me to the most efficient and effective therapy I had ever heard of or experienced – the Human Givens Approach! One session gave me my life back and was so transformative that I started studying the approach with the goal of bringing it to the US.  This UK/Ireland born approach was not available in the US in 2015, when I was lucky enough to experience it.  Four and a half years later, I am a licensed Human Givens practitioner, having left my architecture and construction career to bring this extremely effective and empowering approach to people in the US.

The Human Givens approach is NOT only a trauma treatment… it is a holistic approach to mental and emotional wellness and clear thinking. Trauma was merely my way in – and now I have the privilege of sharing this profoundly empowering approach with people in Portland and throughout the US. And I am excited to share a little about it with you at Coastal Pharmacy!

Learn more about the Human Givens Approach here: www.humangivens.com


Katherine Vilnrotter, Syntropy Global

Treating Lyme and Other Chronic Conditions with Hypnotherapy
Held September 18th, 2019

Hypnotherapist with Woman Laying on Couch

Spend an informative evening with Hugh Sadlier, M. Ed., a Board-Certified Hypnotherapist, who has been practicing in Portland and Blue Hill since 1991. The mind is undoubtedly an integral part of health and healing. Hypnotherapy can engage the whole brain in order to promote deeper levels of healing.

Using demonstrations, case studies and audience participation, Hugh will explain how hypnosis can improve your health and describe techniques for addressing Lyme and other chronic issues.

For more information, watch an interview with Hugh at https://www.hypno-health.net/facts.html.

Hugh Sadlier, M. Ed, BCCH, Medical Hypnotherapist, Integrative Health Center of Maine

Watch the Full Presentation on YouTube

The Healing Power of Restorative Sleep and Integrative Strategies To Address Common Sleep Issues
Held Thursday, September 12th, 2019

Woman Waking Up Refreshed

Getting a good night’s sleep is surprisingly difficult these days. Join Dr. Zarembka for an exciting discussion on everything sleep including:

  • Sleep 101 – What We Know About The Physiology of Sleep
  • Sleep Science – What Current Research Has to Say About Circadian Rhythm and Sleep
  • Your Brain’s House Keeping System and Why It Only Works When You Sleep
  • Environmental Factors Contributing To Poor Sleep?
  • “Bio-Hacking” Sleep vs. Restoring Health
  • Sleep As Your Best Medicine
  • Integrative Approaches to Sleep Issues

Dr. Steven Zarembka, ND, Scarborough Integrative Health

Functional Labs Commonly Used in Women’s Health
Held Wednesday, May 15th, 2019

Blood vial and test results.

Determining a treatment plan without diagnostic testing is a lot like finding a foreign destination without a map. Learn more about lab tests commonly used to diagnose and treat women’s health concerns from a functional medicine perspective. What tests may be ordered based on your symptoms, what the results can reveal and how those results affect your treatment plan. You’ll also get a look into how functional medicine works to address the root cause of disease.


Carrie Levine, CNM, Founder of Whole Woman Health [ More about Carrie ]


DIY Pranarom Essential Oils Event
Friday, May 17th

Pranarom Essential Oils Logo with Herbs in Jars

We’re kicking off our new essential oils line from Pranarom with a chance for you to experience them firsthand. We’ll be guiding you with ideas for different blends, including

  • cleaning sprays,
  • insect repellents,
  • room deodorizers,
  • deodorants,
  • allergy relief, and
  • mood lifters.

The possibilities are practically endless! You’ll get one blend free, with the option to purchase additional blends at $3 each.

Essential oils can be used in many ways to support wellness naturally. Their beneficial properties expand well beyond their aroma. We encourage you to stop in and explore your options!

Lyme Disease Town Hall with Lyme-Literate Health Practitioners
Thursday, May 9th

Ticks, Lyme Rash, Borrelia burgdorferi

This is your chance to ask questions of 4 Portland-area Lyme-literate health care practitioners. You will benefit from perspectives gained through diverse treatment protocols and many different patients. They will share insights on diagnosis, treatment, and all-important prevention.

If you’re not familiar with the town hall meeting format, it’s an open forum that encourages questions and interactions between panelists and attendees. There will be a brief introduction then we’ll get right into questions and discussion.


Paula Jackson-Jones, President & Co-Founder of Midcoast Lyme Disease Support and Education
More About Paula


Sean McCloy, MD of Integrative Health Center of Maine
More About Dr. McCloy

Annette Mueller, MS, FNP, IFMCP of Precision Health Family Functional Medicine
More About Annette

Jacob Aguiar, ND of Scarborough Integrative Health
More about Dr. Aguiar

Event Recording

Supporting Women’s Health with Targeted Probiotics
Tuesday, May 7th
6:00 – 7:30 pm

Women's Health with Probiotics

This program will cover the use of probiotics in supporting women’s health. In addition to covering the overall benefits, Anthony will cover the often overlooked vaginal microbiome. The composition and function of the vaginal microbiota provide the first line of defense in the urogenital tract. Therefore, supporting the microbiota is an important part of supporting a woman’s overall health.

Bacterial species of the genus Lactobacillus generally predominate within the vaginal microbiota of most women and play an important protective role in limiting the growth of undesirable bacterial and yeast species.  Unlike the gut microbiota, for which increased microbial diversity is associated with health, reduced diversity and the predominance of Lactobacillus species within the vaginal microbiota is generally considered the hallmark of health.

Various common environmental and behavior factors can influence the composition of the vaginal microbiota, such as exposure to antibiotics, sexual activity, and stress, and many women experience a transient, often recurrent, loss of a lactobacilli-dominated vaginal microbiota. Reduced levels or absence of vaginal lactobacilli are associated with increased risk for adverse health and pregnancy outcomes.

Anthony Thomas, Ph.D., will review clinical research support for the use of select, probiotic Lactobacillus strains for the promotion and maintenance of vaginal lactobacilli levels to support women’s vaginal, reproductive, and urinary tract health.”


Anthony Thomas, PhD, Jarrow Formulas Scientific Panel Member [ More About Anthony ]

The New Approach to Alzheimer’s
Thursday, April 11th
6:00 – 7:30 pm

Dr. Mueller will be here to discuss a researched-based approach that is demonstrating the ability to prevent and reverse the effects of cognitive decline including Alzheimer’s.

What you will learn:

  • Is it solely driven by your genes?
  • How to prioritize testing to provide clear direction.
  • Key areas that everyone should address now.
  • Cutting edge therapies that are currently available.

Watch this video from Dr. Mueller, for a preview of what he’ll be talking about on the 11th.


Dr. Rudy Mueller, DC, IFMCP, FAARFM, Co-Founder of Precision Health
[ More About Dr. Mueller ]

Gastrointestinal Health: Thinking Outside the Box
Thursday, March 28th, 6:00 – 7:30 pm

Digestive symptoms are some of the most common symptoms leading to doctors’ appointments and ER visits.  Yet, many doctors are not testing for or treating common causes of gastrointestinal concerns such as IBS, reflux, gas, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, abdominal pain and cramping.  Join Dr Aguiar as he discusses testing and treatment options for commonly undiagnosed causes of GI symptoms including SIBO, Food Sensitivities, gastrointestinal infections, and Celiac disease.


Jacob Aguiar, ND, co-founder of Scarborough Integrative Health [ More About Dr. Aguiar ]

Perimenopause: What is it, is it happening to me, and what can I do about it?
Wednesday, March 27th, 6:00 – 7:30 pm

Older woman with her arms crossed.

Perimenopause is a natural transition from ovulatory cycles to non-ovulatory cycles. It is the beginning stages of menopause, when the ovaries make less estrogen and progesterone. Timing of when it occurs can range from late 30’s to mid-50’s, but sometimes much earlier. More typically however, it starts from age 45 and up. Symptoms can be confusing and leave women feeling imbalanced in many ways from fluctuations in body temperature, emotions, weight, periods, sleep, and more.


Dr. Corina Dunlap [ More About Dr. Dunlap ]

Dr. Dunlap recently relocated to Portland, ME from Portland, OR where she worked in an integrative menopause clinic. She is dedicated to providing women access to the information, education, and solutions they need for optimal health. For more information about her, click https://www.drcorinadunlap.com/new-page

Event Recording

Healthy Veins, Healthy Legs
Thursday, March 21st, 6:00 – 7:00 pm

Nationally recognized vein specialist, Dr. Cindy Asbjornsen, will be here to discuss vein health and treatment options. Modern treatments for conditions such as varicose veins and spider veins are vastly different than those of the past. Treatments today are minimally invasive and involve less time and less pain. Dr. Cindy will explain what options may be right in different circumstances and how to promote vein health. There will be plenty of time available for your specific questions.


Dr. Cindy Asbjornsen, founder of Vein Healthcare Center [ More About Dr. Cindy ]

Event Recording

Is Lyme infection “active” or “chronic”?
Tuesday, March 19th, 6:00 pm

Practitioner Event

Join us for an educational Dinner Program at Coastal covering

  • Novel Lyme Test utilizing Lymespot assay technology to provide information about T-cell activity concerning Borrelia infections and chronic inflammation.
  • Most advanced Elispot on the market
  • More information than traditional two-tier testing


Dr. Carsten Nicolaus MD PhD, Medical Director, BCA Clinic, CEO Infectolab

Dr. Felix Scholz PhD, Head of Immunology at Infectolab

The Three Rules: A Person-Centered* Model of Dementia Care
Thursday, February 21st
6:00 – 7:30 pm

Elderly Woman Smiling with Caregiver

Ann Quinlan, of Healthy Aging Matters, will outline and explain the three rules aimed at effectively supporting you and your loved one through the challenges of dementia care. The three rules help support engagement with a person’s abilities rather than focusing on the side effects of the disease. Offering gentle communication toward a calmer interpersonal relationship can help alleviate your own stress around the demands of toileting, dressing schedules, outside appointments, and mealtimes.

Using the three rules can offer your loved one a feeling of safety and dignity through the fear and confusion so often associated with having dementia. Ann developed these three rules to help the primary care partner through the day-to-day labyrinth of dementia care.

The Rules

    • Body Language
    • Facial Expression
    • Tone of Voice
    • Be Prepared
    • Eye Contact
    • Gentle Voice
    • Music

Goals & Outcomes

Using these rules, you can

  • Reduce anxiety
  • Deescalate behavior in the moment
  • Redirect toward a feeling of safety and the familiar
  • Create harmony through simple communication
  • Reclaim dignity for self and loved ones

*The concept of person-centered care is attributed to the late Thomas Kitwood (1937-1998), a British health care pioneer in the field of dementia care. He developed innovative research projects and training courses, challenging the “old culture of care.” Kitwood used the term to bring together ideas and ways of working that emphasized communication and relationships beyond the standard medical language of care for individuals with dementia.


Ann Quinlan, Founder of Healthy Aging Matters [ More About Ann ]

Being Mortal Film Screening and Discussion
Thursday,  February 7th
6:00 – 8:00 pm*

Being Mortal Film Viewing and Discussion

We’ll watch the FRONTLINE film titled Being Mortal and Jaye will follow up with a discussion on how to handle end of life issues with open eyes and open hearts. Even if you’re not faced with it today, this is a great opportunity to get prepared for handling it with grace when you are.

Film Information

FRONTLINE follows renowned New Yorker writer and Boston surgeon Atul Gawande as he explores the relationships doctors have with patients who are nearing the end of life. In conjunction with Gawande’s new book, Being Mortal, the film investigates the practice of caring for the dying, and shows how doctors — himself included — are often remarkably untrained, ill-suited and uncomfortable talking about chronic illness and death with their patients.


Jaye Van Dussen, Community Liaison, Hospice of Southern Maine


Assistance with Completing Advanced Directives

Hospice of Southern Maine

Carol Schoenberg, End of Life Educator
207-289-3640 or cschoneberg@hospiceofsouthernmaine.org

Maine Health

Health Educators and Learning Resource Centers
1-866-609-5183 or healthquestions@mainehealth.org


100 Campus Dr #122
Scarborough, Me 04074


5 Bucknam Rd
Falmouth, Me 04105

Intro to Herbs: Dreaming Your Herb Garden into Being
Thursday, January 24th
6:00 – 7:30 pm

Herb Garden Pots

What a beautiful, intimate, and deeply healing relationship you are creating, whether in a yard or in potted plants. Consider your own personal health goals, as this will support you in determining who you may want to invite to be a part of your magic space. We’ll speak briefly of strategies for building a garden bed, then of moist/dry and sun/shade considerations. We’ll allow time and space for intuition to come forth and for questions to be answered. You will leave inspired and with confidence.


Mischa Schuler, Community Herbalist and Founder of Wild Carrot Herbs [ More About Mischa ]


Intro to Medicinal Cannabis and Hemp
Thursday, January 10th
6:00 – 7:30 pm

Cannabis Plant with Medical Symbol

Cannabis is a medicinal plant that has been used since ancient times. There’s no doubt that it has become shrouded in controversy and confusion. At Coastal, we get many questions surrounding it’s many forms and uses. It’s become evident that education on the legitimacy of its power to treat various conditions is sorely needed. Nurse practitioner, Jay Reighley will be here to share her extensive knowledge of the topic and answer your questions.

Some of the topics that will be covered:

  • Derivatives and forms of cannabis
  • Cannabinoids and cannabinoid receptors (how cannabis works in your body)
  • Strains of cannabis
  • Difference between cannabis and hemp
  • CBD and THC
  • Over-the-counter vs medical card requirement
  • Laboratory testing for strength and purity
  • Dosing
  • Role of the  caregiver (one who assists with medical marijuana treatment)


Jay Reighley, APRN, Nurse Practitioner at Integr8 Health  [More About Jay]

Accompanying Article

For a primer, check out Jay’s article The Long Journey of Cannabis Medicine.

Presentation Slides

To download the presentation slides, visit www.coastalpharmacyandwellness.com/cannabis-slides.

YouTube Video

Intro to Herbs: Culinary Herbs to Support the Immune System
Tuesday, November 27th
6:00 – 7:30 pm

With pizzazz and a bit of magic lore, we’ll explore the herbs and condiments you have in your kitchen cabinets and refrigerator door that will support you as we move into the winter months. Come away with trust in your body’s capacity to keep you warm and healthy through the season, with a pinch of this and a bit of that.


Mischa Schuler, Community Herbalist and Founder of Wild Carrot Herbs [ More About Mischa ]

Facebook Live Video

Implementing an Anti-inflammatory Nutrition Plan
Thursday, November 8th
6:00 – 7:30 pm

Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Inflammation is at the root of many disease states. Eating an anti-inflammatory diet can be a huge part of treating chronic pain, heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s and depression. This talk will guide you through implementing an anti-inflammatory nutrition plan for life. Steph will use The Inflammation Syndrome: Your Nutrition Plan for Great Health, Weight Loss, and Pain-Free Living as a guide, so you can go home with a comprehensive resource at your fingertips.


Stephanie Walsh, CPT, CNTP, CEPC, The Holistic Health Approach [ More About Steph ]

Facebook Live Video

Intro to Hospice: Guiding You Through End of Life Planning and Care
Thursday, November 1st
6:00 – 7:30 pm

It’s common to think of hospice only when someone is in their final days and it’s time to “keep them comfortable.” Hospice is so much more than that. It’s about working with caring people who listen and guide you and your family through a very difficult time. Although it may be difficult, the sooner you have the discussion the better. Jaye will be here to explain what hospice is and what services are available to help us “live until we die.” It’s not about giving up, it’s about easing into death as prepared as you can be. Hospice helps the whole family do just that.

Learning about hospice before it’s a necessity makes the concept so much easier. So even if your needs aren’t imminent, this is the perfect opportunity to learn more.


Jaye Van Dussen, Community Liaison, Hospice of Southern Maine

Anxious to Awesome: Mindhacks for a Peaceful and Powerful Life
Thursday, October 18th
6:00 – 7:30 pm

In this workshop, you will learn how to leverage neuroscience, mindset, your energy field, and the Law of Attraction to dial down stress and ramp up success! Master your mind and you will unleash your life with a toolbox of tricks that work with the bartender in your brain and the power of your thoughts! This is NOT your average stress relief workshop!


Bambi Thompson, Brain Coach and Speaker – Anxiety Transformation and Success Acceleration

Bambi is a non-medication anxiety specialist, transformational speaker and brain coach for success acceleration and anxiety transformation. She’s the co-founder of the Corporate Unicorn’s Women’s Success Summit in Maine, co-author of Dare to Be Authentic, and the former producer and host of Power Me Up Radio on the Amazing Women of Power Network. Bambi combines her background as an Occupational Therapist with her knowledge of brain science, metaphysics, energy medicine, and the Law of Attraction to revolutionize her clients for success, to transcend limitation, optimize performance, and activate your personal power.

Learn More About Bambi

Smoothie Workshop: Mastering Healthy Breakfasts on the Go
Monday, September 24th
6:00 – 7:00 pm

Smoothie and Blender

Smoothies are a great way to pack a lot of nutrition into a quick and on-the-go form. Whether your aim is to get more protein or veggies into your diet or you’re looking to pack in some functional foods (foods with possible health benefits beyond essential nutrition), smoothies can be a great addition to your diet. Tammy will cover the health benefits of various ingredients and will make different recipes for sampling. The recipes will address the following concerns:

  • energy to get you through until lunch,
  • inflammation/joint health,
  • immunity, and
  • hormone balancing.

Smoothies make it easy to incorporate power-packed, targeted nutrition into your day!

Workshop Leader
Tammy Lynne Nonni, Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Tammy is a Mom, a marine mammal responder & volunteer, a photographer, an herbalist & a health coach. She has healed herself through diet & wellness practices & prevention in dealing with high blood pressure & panic/anxiety disorder. She helps her clients heal their whole being in regards to health & wellness. She helps people make healthy lifestyle choices for lasting change.

Autumn Herb Walk at Deering Oaks Park
Tuesday, September 18th
5:30 – 7:00 pm

Mischa Schuler

As the light shifts, on the week of the Equinox, we’ll visit with the plants as their energy moves back into their roots in preparation for the seasonal changes ahead. We will visit with these extraordinary beings in their later stage of growth – observing seed strategies and marveling at how much the Earth has to offer. Our evening will be rich in herbal folklore, laughter, and understanding of how to incorporate our new plant friends into daily Life.

Meet at the Deering Oaks Park east parking lot. The address is roughly 356 State Street. The walk will be a leisurely quarter mile (approximately) with stops along the way.

Walk Leader

Mischa Schuler, Community Herbalist and Founder of Wild Carrot Herbs [ More About Mischa ]

Grand Relocation Party
Thursday, July 12th
9:00 am – 7:00 pm
Happy hour: 4:00 – 7:00 pm

We’ve been at our new location (29 Marginal Way) for about 6 months now and we couldn’t be happier. Customers love the bright open space and improved parking. We love being in a space that makes it easier to help you. Now that we’ve settled in, it’s time to celebrate!

The day will be full of

  • product samples,
  • vendor demos,
  • prize drawings and
  • the first 20 customers with a $150 or more purchase get a free Coastal canvas beach bag!

We’ll also have happy hour from 4:00 – 7:00, with snacks, Sebago Brewing Company beer, Herbal Revolution shrubs (drinking vinegars), and more!

Price drawings include:

  • Products from
    • MegaFood whole food supplements
    • Host Defense mushroom supplements
    • Carlson award-winning nutritional supplements
    • Natural beauty and personal care products
  • Gift certificates from Bayside independent businesses such as Bayside Bowl and Leavitt & Sons deli.

Slow Medicine, Lasting Relief:  A Chinese Medicine Approach to Lyme Disease and Other Chronic Illness
Thursday, May 31st
6:00 – 7:30 pm

Lyme disease is on the rise, as is a host of other chronic “inflammatory” illnesses.  Join Chinese medicine expert Alexandra Gilmore for this lively, informative discussion.  How does Chinese medicine approach these frustrating, debilitating, and often recalcitrant conditions?  What different perspectives and alternative treatment options does Chinese medicine have to offer?

In this dynamic presentation we’ll discuss:

  • why deep healing takes time
  • the body as a garden (not a fortress)
  • why some bodies are susceptible to outside influences while others seem not to be
  • the benefits of systems-based thinking (and of not losing the forest for the trees)
  • why Chinese medicine doesn’t need a Western medical diagnosis to be effective


Alexandra Gilmore, LAc, MAcOM, The Origin Center

Alexandra Gilmore, LAc, MAcOM, has been called a “Dr. House” of Chinese medicine; she enjoys unraveling complex cases that leave other practitioners stumped.  She is committed to excellence, and works in deep partnership with her patients in the service of transforming their health status and reaching their highest possible vitality.

Learn More About Alexa

21-Day Holistic Detox Primer
Wednesday, May 30th
6:00 – 7:30 pm

Stephanie Walsh, Certified Nutrition Therapy Practitioner and Eating Psychology Coach will be here for an in-depth talk on where toxins hide in your environment, why a detox is important for health and weight loss, and how to follow her 21-Day Holistic Detox program to get the results you’ve been striving for! This is the kickoff to the 21-Day Holistic Detox Program taking place from June 9th – 29th but will be beneficial to anyone who wishes to start a detox program.


Stephanie Walsh, CPT, CNTP, CEPC, owner of The Holistic Health Approach

Learn More About Steph

Lyme Disease Town Hall with Area Health Practitioners
Wednesday, May 23rd
6:00 – 8:00 pm

If you “know Lyme” you most likely “know frustration.” Whether you’re in your initial stages of finding a diagnosis, deep into treatment or are supporting a loved one struggling with the disease, knowledge is one of your best defenses.

We’ve assembled a panel of Maine health practitioners who are fluent in treating Lyme disease. These individuals are passionate about helping those dealing with Lyme and are excited to share their knowledge with those who desperately need it.

If you’re not familiar with the town hall meeting format, it’s an open forum that encourages questions and interactions between panelists and attendees. There will be a brief introduction then we’ll get right into questions and discussion.


Paula Jackson-Jones, President & Co-Founder of Midcoast Lyme Disease Support and Education
More About Paula


Dr. Sean McCloy, MD, MPH, MA, Medical Director and Founder of Integrative Health Center of Maine
More About Dr. McCloy

Dr. Jacob Aguiar, ND, Co-Founder of Scarborough Integrative Health
More About Dr. Aguiar

Mary Penner MSN, FNP, Co-Founder of Therapia-Maine

Practitioner Event: The Neuroendocrine Immunology of Mucosal Immunity*
May 17th
6:30-8:30 pm

Exclusive Telecast of a new seminar by Dr. Datis Kharrazian

In this new cutting-edge seminar, Dr. Datis Kharrazian will present a detailed perspective of how mucosal immune function impacts brain function and mood, weight loss and metabolism, heart disease, and endocrine function, and will include a comprehensive review of the latest literature. A detailed understanding of the secretory IgA (SIgA) immunity and how to measure dysfunction in mucosal immune reactions using specific laboratory tests will be presented. Nutritional, dietary, and lifestyle strategies to support mucosal health in a clinical setting will be discussed.

Topics include:

  • How mucosal immune function impacts metabolism and obesity in the field of immunometabolics
  • How the mucosal immune system communicates with the brain through various cytokines and peptides and impacts memory, mood, and degenerative changes in the brain
  • The glutathione connection to mucosal function, intestinal microbiome, and inflammatory reactions
  • How the mucosal immune system develops from birth to childhood and throughout the lifespan
  • Recent research on how mucosal immunity impacts atherosclerosis and heart disease
  • How to evaluate mechanisms of the mucosal immune system

There will be time for questions and answers following the telecast.


A light, gluten, dairy, soy free dinner will be offered.

Sponsored by Apex Energetics

Inside Out – Chinese Medicine and Your Skin: Options, Agency, and Lasting Relief
Thursday, April 12th
6:00 – 7:30 pm

Join Alexandra Gilmore, LAc, MAcOM, for a lively introduction to understanding skin health and skin dis-ease through the lens of Chinese medicine.

In this dynamic presentation you will learn:

  • the basics of maintaining healthy skin
  • several self-care rituals to support your skin, skin health, and healthy aging
  • foods to help you age well
  • how your current food choices may be impacting your skin health

You will also learn:

…you have options! There is more than one way to treat your skin concern(s).

…you have agency!  You need not be held hostage by the whims of your skin disease (or any disease).

…how your skin is reflecting your broader health–and you’ll leave with a better understanding of what it’s trying to tell you.


Alexandra Gilmore, LAc, MAcOM, The Origin Center

Alexandra is an acupuncturist and board-certified Chinese medicine herbalist with a specialty in and passion for treating skin disease with Chinese Medicine.  In 2012 she graduated at the top of her class from Mazin Al-Khafaji’s prestigious Chinese medicine dermatology diploma course in London, England.   She continues to study with Al-Khafaji on a regular basis, traveling across the US and abroad to learn, collaborate, and deepen her clinical skills.  She’s honored to be able to provide this specialized knowledge and service to southern Maine and New England, more broadly, and excited to share it with you!

Learn More About Alexa

21-Day Holistic Detox Primer
Thursday, April 5th
5:30 – 7:00 pm

Stephanie Walsh, Certified Nutrition Therapy Practitioner and Eating Psychology Coach will be here for an in-depth talk on where toxins hide in your environment, why a detox is important for health and weight loss, and how to follow her 21-Day Holistic Detox program to get the results you’ve been striving for! This is the kickoff to the 21-Day Holistic Detox Program taking place from April 7th – 27th but will be beneficial to anyone who wishes to start a detox program.


Stephanie Walsh, CPT, CNTP, CEPC, owner of The Holistic Health Approach

Learn More About Steph

21-Day Holistic Detox Program
Saturday, April 7th through Friday, April 27th

Steph is back to offer her 21-day detox program that is designed to instill lasting change. You will receive both group and personal support with a program designed to make your detox as easy and effective as possible.

Program dates: Saturday, April 7th – Friday, April 27th
Cost: $175 (includes program support and required supplements)
Registration Deadline: Monday, March 26th
Program Kickoff Presentation: Thursday, April 5th, 5:30 – 7:00 pm
Mid-Detox Refresher: April 19th, 5:30 pm


Stephanie Walsh, CPT, CNTP, CEPC, Founder of The Holistic Health Approach

Brain Food: The Connection Between Nutrition and Mental Health
Thursday, March 29th, 6:00 – 7:30 pm

Studies have shown that neurotransmitters (the “feel good” chemicals in the brain) are affected by the food we eat. Looking specifically at the link between nutrition and depression, serotonin-producing carbohydrates are key to improving overall mood and decreasing symptoms of depression. Though nutrition is an extremely important aspect of caring for the body and mind, Carolyn takes it a bit deeper by focusing on your relationship with food via modalities like intuitive eating. Developing a healthy relationship with food and exercise is essential to living a happy and fulfilled life. Food is not the enemy, it is here to nourish.

You will learn:

  • How food affects mood
  • What intuitive eating means
  • How a person can change their relationship with food and exercise
  • The role of the RDN


Carolyn Milles, RDN, LD, Registered Dietician Nutritionist and Founder of CV Wellbeing

Dysbiosis occurs when you have a lack of good bacteria in your gut. Stress has been shown to imbalance the gut microbiota (aka your community of bugs living in your digestive tract) and even exacerbate IBS symptoms.  We are now learning that the gut microbiota may also play a role in IBS.  This presentation is meant to shed some light on this complicated condition.

You will learn:

  • How the body responds to stress
  • Six contributing factors of IBS symptoms
  • The role stress plays in IBS
  • How stress affects the gut microbiota
  • The role microbiota imbalance plays in IBS
  • Nutrition and lifestyle changes that may help reduce IBS symptoms

If you or someone you know suffers from IBS, this is a great informational event to signup for!


Stephanie Walsh, CPT, CNTP, CEPC, Founder of The Holistic Health Approach

Buen Camino: Finding Your Way
Thursday, February 8th, 5:30 – 7:00 pm

“Tell me what it is you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
From The Summer Day by Mary Oliver

When we step away from our lives and take the time to reflect on our goals, our dreams, and our visions, we learn many lessons we may never have even thought of. Marsha Greenberg will be offering an interactive presentation sharing her journey walking the 500 mile Camino de Santiago and the lessons she learned along the way.

Attendees will:

  • Explore the lessons offered by the Camino de Santiago and how they apply to your life
  • Learn what’s involved in taking the next step on your path
  • Increase your understanding of the ability and courage you can access to have the life you want
  • Learn ways to feel inspired, while challenging yourself to accomplish your visions and goal
  • What makes you happy and brings joy to your life.

The new year often brings a renewed spirit of change and discovery. Join Marsha for an evening of story sharing and inspiration. You’ll leave motivated to become an active participant in your journey rather than just being along for the ride.

Marsha Greenberg, Writer, Instructor, Life Coach, and Adventurer, Buen Camino: Finding Your Way


Herbs for Menopause Support
Thursday, November 9, 5:30 – 7:00 PM

Red Clovers with Mug

Menopause is an extraordinary time of transition and self-actualization. We’ll explore herbs that strengthen the nervous system, support the juicy parts of ourselves, and regulate hormones. We’ll talk about how to use food and herbs to maintain strong bones and healthy cognition. Mischa will also show you how to make a few herbal remedies and teas so you can see just how easy it is!  You’ll leave feeling confident in your capacity to generate a grounded transition for yourself.


Mischa Schuler, Community Herbalist and Founder of Wild Carrot Herbs [ More About Mischa ]

Hormonal Balancing in Menopause and Perimenopause with Bethany Hays, MD
Wednesday, November 8, 6:00 – 7:30 pm

Practitioner Event

This event is for women’s health physicians, primary care physicians, internal medicine physicians, nurse practitioners, midwives, physician assistance and other healthcare professionals.


  • Develop a plan for prescribing nutraceuticals, diet, and lifestyle interventions to manage symptoms in women in perimenopause and menopause.
  • Apply treatment approaches for common PMS/menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, sleep disturbances, mood disorders, libido, osteoporosis, fibroids, endometriosis etc. using a practical algorithm for each.
  • Create a safe hormone replacement therapy based upon a concept that nature (if not disrupted by castration, disease or foreign chemicals) knows best in how to create balance in menopause. When HRT is needed we should follow her lead.

About Dr. Hays

Bethany Hays, MD, FACOG is a board certified obstetrician-gynecologist who trained as a perinatologist, and practiced obstetrics for 29 years. Dr. Hays practiced and was the Medical Director of True North, a holistic health center in Falmouth, Maine, until its doors closed to patient care in 2016, after 14 years of changing healthcare in America. Using “Circle Process” described by Christina Baldwin and modified by those working at True North, the Circle created an integrative practice combining physicians and various other healing modalities. Dr. Hays found her way to the Institute for Functional Medicine in 1999, has been teaching for IFM since 2000, and is a current board member. She has been affiliated with Baylor College of Medicine, University of Vermont Medical School, University of New England, Dartmouth Medical School and Tufts Medical School. Teaching has always been a part of her work. She has been described as “earth-mother”, “fire-brand”, “innovator”, “trailblazer”, “trouble-maker” and a number of other less gracious monikers.

CME Credit

This activity has been planned and implemented in accordance with the Essentials and Standards of the Maine Medical Association Committee on Continuing Medical Education and Accreditation through the partnership of Maine Medical Education Trust and Coastal Pharmacy.  The Maine Medical Education Trust is accredited by the Maine Medical Association to provide CME activities for physicians.

The Maine Medical Education Trust designates this live activity for a maximum of 1.5 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit(s)TM. Physicians should only claim credit commensurate with the extent of their participation in the activity.

A Menopause Primer
Wednesday, October 25, 5:30 – 7:00 PM

Menopause, defined as a year without a period, marks a major shift in a woman’s body. The years of hormone imbalance leading to menopause are considered perimenopause. The whole process can last up to a decade. As hormones shift and change over this time, what your body needs shifts and changes.  Luckily, there are a lot options available to support yourself through this time.

Carrie Levine and Jay will be here to provide the information you need to greet this phase of life with clear understanding.


Carrie Levine, CNM, Certified Nurse Midwife and Founder of Whole Woman Health [More About Carrie]
Jay Reighley, APRN, Nurse Practitioner at Integr8 Health

Facebook Live Video

 October Gut Health Series

Digestive complaints are not the only sign of compromised gut health.  Did you know that brain fog, fatigue, depression, weight gain, acne, joint pain, allergies, chronic infections, thyroid problems and more all relate to the health of your gut?  In this Gut Health Series, learn what’s going on in your gut, how your food and mood are affecting your gut health, and the steps you can take to get back on track to a healthier, happier you!

Attending at least one of the 4-week series will be beneficial, but why not sign up for the entire series!  Each week builds your knowledge of the digestive tract and enhances your chance of optimizing your gut health.

Series Leader

Stephanie Walsh, CPT, CNTP, CEPC, Founder of The Holistic Health Approach [ More About Steph ]

Week 1 –  In One End and Out the Other: The Whats of the Guts
Thursday, October 5, 5:30 pm

Do you really know your gut? Get to know the soups-to-nuts, from tongue to bum, of your digestive tract.  You’ll learn the anatomy of your digestive tract, how your gut processes the food you eat, and why those little bugs called your microbiome are so important.  This is where health starts. Learning how it all works will help you make healthy decisions and analyze where there may be an issue.

Facebook Live Video

Week 2 –  Eat Your Greens and Gasoline: What You Don’t Know You’re Eating
Thursday, October 12, 5:30 pm

Ever wonder what those unpronounceable ingredients are in your food? There are a lot of hidden toxins in our food supply.  You’ll learn where those toxins are coming from (hint: think of your car’s gas tank), how pesticides and other toxins effect your overall health and why gut health is important in protecting you from these insults.  Get the biggest bang for your health buck. Learning which foods and products are effecting your health – both positively and negatively – will help you become a more informed, savvy shopper and improve your health.

Facebook Live Video

Week 3 – Fatigue, Fogginess, Fear and Food: What Your Brain May be Telling You
Thursday, October 19, 5:30 pm

Gut health is key to brain health! What you eat can either support or compromise your brain activity.  You’ll learn about the gut-brain connection, how stress and depression or anxiety effect your gut health, and what foods or supplements are vital for optimal gut and brain health.  This is a key component to the secret of happiness. Learning how your gut health effects your mood, and vice versa, will help you make the nutrition and lifestyle changes that will keep you healthy and happy.

Facebook Live Video

Week 4 of the October Gut Health Series
Don’t Worry, I’ve Gut This! Your Road to a Healthy Gut
<brThursday, October 26, 5:30 pm

Knowledge is power, and now you’ve got the power to optimize your gut health! You’ll learn several lifestyle steps you can take to support your digestive tract, improve your gut health and live a happier, healthier life!  Bring it all together. Understanding the steps you can take to enhance your gut health will help you continue making healthy changes that set you on the path to optimizing your health, your weight and your life!

Facebook Video

Gene-Based Health: Change Your Destiny with Lifestyle Planning
Saturday, September 23, 10:00 -11:30 AM


Your family’s health history is not your health destiny. Your genes tell an important story about your health risks and potential. You can rewrite that story by planning your lifestyle around your genes. In this way, you learn to work with your genetic code rather than against it.

Dr. Mueller will discuss what we can learn from genetic testing and how it helps determine what lifestyle habits will work best with your genetic makeup.

For more information, view Dr. Mueller’s informational video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cJuENQsOus0.


Dr. Rudy Mueller, Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine Fellow, and co-founder of Precision Health in Scarborough [ More About Dr. Mueller ]

Facebook Live Video

Autumn Equinox Herb Walk at Back Cove
Thursday, September 21, 5:30 – 7:00 PM

Mischa Schuler

As the light shifts, on the eve of the Equinox, we’ll visit with the plants as their energy moves back into their roots in preparation for the seasonal changes ahead. We will visit with these extraordinary beings in their later stage of growth – observing seed strategies and marveling at how much the Earth has to offer. Our evening will be rich with herbal folklore, laughter, and understanding of how to incorporate our new plant friends into daily Life. Meet at Coastal Wellness at 84 Marginal Way (parking in the building) and we’ll walk to Back Cove together. It will be a leisurely quarter mile (approximately) with stops along the way.

Walk Leader

Mischa Schuler, Community Herbalist and Founder of Wild Carrot Herbs [ More About Mischa ]

Medicinal Plant Walk Around Back Cove
Tuesday, May 16, 5:30 – 7:00 PM

Mischa Schuler

As the plants reawaken to spring, we will visit with these extraordinary beings in their young stages of growth – learning to recognize their patterns across the refreshed spring landscape. Our evening will be rich with herbal folklore, laughter, and understanding of how to incorporate our new plant friends into daily life. We will be meeting at Coastal and walking a leisurely half mile (as Mischa puts it… it’s more like an herb stop and talk). Plan to bring boots in case it’s muddy!

Walk Leader

Mischa Schuler, Community Herbalist and Owner of Wild Carrot Herbs

The Dynamic Healing Power of Homeopathy
Saturday, May 6, 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM

In this workshop, you will discover the Dynamic Healing Power of Homeopathy, learn a quick overview of its history and healing principles, and gain a basic understanding of how to apply Homeopathic remedies to everyday situations, emergencies, and acute illnesses.

Understand: Quick review of the principles of homeopathy and classical medicine and the practical overview of potency use.

Learn: How to use remedies for acute illnesses such as flu, fevers, and First aid including concussions, bruises, cuts, burns, tick bites, stings, sprains, and discomfort after dental work. Allergies, jet lag, and emotional trauma due to grief or anxiety will also be covered.

Discover: How to take an acute case and apply this safe, gentle and natural therapeutics with quick, effective, and maximum results.

For a preview of what Betsey will be teaching, read her article The Dynamic Healing Power of Homeopathy.

$10 FEE FOR THIS EVENT. The fee will be collected onsite.


Betsey Beaven
Betsey is one of the co-founders of Bloodroot restaurant, vegetarian cookbook author, and former food critic. She has been involved with homeopathy for over 15 years. Read more about Betsey at www.betseybeaven.com.

The Realities of Parenthood
hursday, March 30
6:00 – 7:00 PM

Life with a new baby brings a lot of changes. There are many joys but there can be a lot of challenges as well. Ellen & Tricia will share the realities of being a new parent along with creating a postpartum plan to ease the transition.

Babies in arms are welcome!

Discussion Leaders

Tricia Albert, OTR/L, CLC, owner of Blooming Into Motherhood [Bio]
Ellen Kunkle, CCE, facilitator of the Mothering Circle at Maine Medical Center in Falmouth [Bio]

21-Day Holistic Detox Program Kickoff
Thursday, February 23
5:30 – 7:00 pm

Stephanie Walsh, Certified Nutrition Therapy Practitioner and Eating Psychology Coach will be back for a more in-depth talk on where toxins hide in your environment, why a detox is important for health and weight loss, and how to follow her 21-Day Holistic Detox program to get the results you’ve been striving for! This is the kickoff to the 21-Day Holistic Detox Program taking place from March 6-26, but will be beneficial to anyone who wishes to start a detox program.


Stephanie Walsh, CPT, CNTP, CEPC, owner of The Holistic Health Approach

New Mom Discussion: Exercise in Pregnancy and Postpartum
Tuesday, January 17
6:00 – 7:00 pm

In this discussion, we will talk about safe exercise guidelines during pregnancy and postpartum. This includes what types of exercises are recommended or to be avoided, exercise intensity and the benefits to you and your baby. Bring your questions, as every woman’s level of fitness and exercise needs, are different!

Discussion Leaders

Nancy Charlebois, PT, LMT, Jade Integrated Health
Tricia Albert, OTR/L, CLC, owner of Blooming Into Motherhood
Ellen Kunkle, CCE, facilitator of the Mothering Circle at Maine Medical Center in Falmouth

**Partners in parenting and babies in arms are welcome!**

Detoxing for Long-Term Health
Monday, January, 23
5:30 – 7:00 pm

Detoxification is a great way to eliminate the negative effects the environment has on your body. Food additives, chemicals, pollutants, and medications are among the major offenders.

Certified nutrition therapist and eating psychology coach Stephanie Walsh will teach you where toxins may be hiding in your life and how simple changes can detox your body now and well beyond for long term health.


Stephanie Walsh, CPT, CNTP, CEPC, owner of The Holistic Health Approach


Wednesday, November 30
5:30 – 7:00 pm
Boost Your Immunity with Elderberry
Elderberry - The Bailey Farm

Do you want to be virus-free this winter? Join us to learn how the super high antioxidant value of elderberry has been grown, processed and used to fight colds and fever, respiratory ailments, flu, herpes simplex and inflammation for thousands of years in Europe and native cultures. Hippocrates called elderberry “the people’s medicine chest.”

Abbie Sewall, grower of certified organic elderberry at The Bailey Farm in Freeport, will enlighten the audience on the powerful health benefits of elderberry and how to process it into juice, syrup and shrub tonic. She will also share the history and folklore of this amazing plant, known since Celtic times as “the Protector of the Garden.” Every garden should have one, everyone can learn how to boost their immune systems and be virus free.

Abbie Sewall, Founder of The Bailey Farm and Health Coach, Immunity First

Tuesday, November 15
Sick Mom
New Mom Discussion: Staying Healthy Naturally During Cold and Flu Season

This month we’ll discuss natural ways for parents to help their families stay healthy during cold and flu season.

Acupuncturist/herbalist Naomi Skoglund from Six Branches Family Acupuncture will join series facilitator Tricia Albert OTR/L, CLC* to share natural immune-boosting tips including foods to eat and avoid and massage you can use with your little ones to give their immune systems a boost! This is an interactive discussion, so bring your questions and concerns.

Babies in arms and partners in parenting are welcome!

Discussion Leaders

Naomi Skoglund, L.Ac., owner of Six Branches Family Acupuncture
View Naomi’s Biography

Tricia Albert, OTR/L, CLC, owner of Blooming Into Motherhood
View Tricia’s Biography

*Co-facilitator Ellen Kunkle can’t make it but will be back in January.

Wednesday, October 26
The Full Picture of Breast Health

Maintaining breast health is a combination of healthy habits and using effective detection tools. Learn disease prevention steps as well as the capabilities of thermography* in diagnosing issues. Through knowledge and action, we increase our chances of maintaining breast health.

*Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging (DITI) is a noninvasive method of taking a picture of your body. The picture displays heat patterns in the body which can show infection, tumors or vascular issues.


Carrie Levine, CNM
Founder of Whole Woman Health
View Carrie’s Biography

Ingrid LeVasseur, BA, CCT
Founder of Inner Image Clinical Thermography
View Ingrid’s Biography

Monday, October 17
6:00 – 7:00 pm
New Mom Discussion: Introducing Solids to Your Baby

Baby Eating Watermelon

Babies in arms and partners in parenting are welcome!

Discussion Leaders

Tricia Albert, OTR/L, CLC
View Tricia’s Biography

Ellen Kunkle, CCE
View Ellen’s Biography

Wednesday, September 21
5:30 – 7:00 pm
Preventing Dementia: The Future Is in Your Hands

The incidence of neurodegenerative disorders including dementia, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s is on the rise. There are preventive steps you can take to reduce the incidence and/or the progression of these disorders. Find out more about the various disorders and what you can do about them. Attend for your own health or to support a loved one already coping with a disorder.

Carrie Levine, CNM
Founder of Whole Woman Health
View Carrie’s Biography

Tuesday, September 20
New Mom Discussion Series: Finding Balance as a New Mom


New moms have a lot to balance: learning an incredibly important role, maintaining a healthy relationship with her partner, feeding schedules, sleeping schedules, and the often overlooked need for personal identity and space. Join Tricia and Ellen in discussing how to maintain a balance that offers more peace of mind. This is an interactive discussion, so bring your questions and concerns.

Babies in arms and partners in parenting are welcome!

Discussion Leaders

Tricia Albert, OTR/L, CLC
View Tricia’s Biography

Ellen Kunkle, CCE
View Ellen’s Biography

August 17, 2016
An Open Discussion on Breastfeeding
5:30 – 7:00 pm


Being a new mother is both incredibly rewarding and incredibly hard. Making the choice to breastfeed adds a level of complexity that cannot fully be appreciated until you experience it first-hand. Join us for an open and honest discussion of the benefits of breastfeeding and handling the unique challenges that come with it. Whether you are planning for the future or have already started, this discussion is for you. Bring your questions and Tricia, Ellen and Carrie will bring their knowledge and compassion.

There will be samples of Motherlove products which are 20% off through August as well as a raffle for two Motherlove packs (Green Salve, Nipple Cream, Diaper Rash & Thrush cream and Birth & Baby Oil). Event participants will receive 20% off their entire store purchase, after the event.

Partners in parenting and babies in arms are welcome.


Tricia Albert, OTR/L, CLC
Tricia is a national board certified pediatric occupational therapist and lactation counselor, specializing in infant and toddler feeding with Blooming into Motherhood in Scarborough. She has been working with new mothers and children for over 20 years.

Ellen Kunkle, CCE
Ellen is a certified childbirth educator at Maine Medical Center and a postpartum doula with Full Circle Doula Services, providing education, guidance, and support to new moms, babies, and families. She also facilitates the Mothering Circle, a new mother’s support group offered through Maine Medical Center in Falmouth.

Carrie Levine, MSN, CNM
Certified Nurse Midwife and Founder of Whole Woman Health in Newcastle. Her practice focuses on integrating the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of health care for women. The first part of Carrie’s career was spent attending births and caring for women during the childbearing year.

July 20, 2016
5:30-7:00 pm
Woman Talk: Thyroid Health
Carrie Levine - Whole Woman Health

Speaker: Carrie Levine, CNM, Founder of Whole Woman Health

Learn basic thyroid physiology, comprehensive testing, nutritional support, and conventional treatment. Program attendees will receive 15% off their entire purchase (excluding prescriptions), following the presentation.

June 22, 2016
Woman Talk – Adrenals
5:30 – 7:00 pm

Carrie Levine - Whole Woman Health

Speaker: Carrie Levine, CNM, Founder of Whole Woman Health

Stressed and wired? Wired and tired? Tired and depleted? Come learn about your adrenals and how they influence energy, sleep, hormone balance, weight, and blood sugar.

June 9, 2016
Five Blood Tests You Need to Know For Yourself
5:30-7:00 pm

Richard Maurer - The Blood Code

Speaker: Richard Maurer, ND, Author of The Blood Code
Have you heard that you should follow a low carb diet? Or maybe you heard you should eat low fat or reduce animal protein? Diet recommendations should not come from a fad diet book or from a brochure in a doctor’s office, they should come from within you. Results from a few blood tests offer a broad insight into the way your diet, nutrition and fitness effect your metabolism. Fortunately, direct labs have made it easy for most people to get blood test results anywhere in the country. In this workshop, Dr. Maurer demystifies the meaning of five simple blood tests that offer a bang-for-the-buck explanation of your metabolism—What disease risks lurk and what to do about it.

May 25, 2016
Woman Talk – Digestive Wellness
5:30-7:00 pm

Carrie Levine - Whole Woman Health

Speaker: Carrie Levine, CNM, Founder of Whole Woman Health

Digestive imbalance is at the root of inflammation. Come learn how the gastrointestinal system is central to health and wellness.

May 12
Book Signing and Discussion  with Sasha Rose, N.D., LAc
5:30 – 7:00 pm

Dr. Sasha Rose will be here to discuss the brain-gut connection and sign copies of her book Digestive Relief for Life. Visit the nutritional health and wellness area of our store to view or purchase the book.