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Everyday Health: Hormone Balance

Making Decisions on Hormone Balance
Hormone balance is different for every woman. While some women can tolerate minor imbalances, others need intervention to bring their levels back to a comfortable level. In this article, Carrie addresses the following tools that can aid in getting you back on the road to healthy and happy. 
  • Lifestyle change
  • Stress management
  • Natural options for relief
  • Hormone therapy
  • When you know your options, you can direct your own healthy change. 

    Compounding for Custom Tailored Hormone Therapy

    Hormone therapy should not be approached with a “one size fits all” mentality. Some women respond much better when a hormone therapy formula is developed specifically for their body and hormone levels. Pharmaceutical compounding with bioidentical hormones (hormones biochemically identical to those produced by the human body) is a great way to break free from traditional mass-produced hormone therapy by tailoring the medication to a woman’s specific needs.

    Choices for Menopause Symptoms

    As women grow older, hormones start declining, and without therapy, the symptoms of menopause grow worse. With the loss of estrogen, the vaginal epithelium becomes atrophic and physiological lubrication is reduced. Often, the result is vaginal dryness, irritation, itching, burning, and painful intercourse. All these can lead to decreased libido, creating distress for both the woman and her partner.

    Bio-identical Hormones and Compounding Myths

      I thought this may be a good time to talk about bio-identical hormones and some of the myths associated with compounding. Bio-identical hormones, like all compounded medications, are made from FDA and USP registered materials used by pharmaceutical manufactures. Their preparation is well regulated by state boards of pharmacy and also must meet national... Read more »