Coastal Pharmacy & Wellness is lead by Joe Lorello, Cassi Brooks and Stephen Drapeau. The three have worked together in various combinations and in different pharmacies for over 18 years. Combined, they have over 90 years of experience in the field of pharmacy.  With this experience and expertise, they welcome the opportunity to help provide a full line of pharmaceutical care and support to both patients and practitioners.

Dedicated to Staying Local

Joe, Cassi and Stephen are passionate about their community and want you to be well. They believe in Portland’s Buy Local movement and love being part of it. Although operating an independently owned business may be challenging, they believe in the value it offers the community.

What’s also important is treating their team with value and respect. The entire team takes pride in being an integral part of this and make it a pleasure to come to work each day.

Everyone at Coastal Pharmacy & Wellness is here for YOU.

Joe Lorello, RPh

Joe has specialized in pharmaceutical compounding and patient care for more than 20 years and he has a passion for good health and the benefits compounding can provide to patients. Joe has been a compounding resource for Portland practitioners and patients in need of the individualized dosing compounding can provide. Joe has also had experience in nursing home care, durable medical equipment and retail pharmacy.

Joe is former principal of Portland Professional Pharmacy and was one of the founding partners of Apothecary by Design. He received full Fellowships from the International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists (IACP) and the American College of Apothecaries (ACA). Joe is also certified for specialty training in women’s healthcare by ACA. He received his degree in pharmacy at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and graduated in 1979 with a BS in Pharmacy.

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Cassi Brooks

Cassi has over 26 years of experience in pharmacy. The last 16 of those years have been in pharmaceutical compounding, most recently as Operations Manager for Apothecary by Design. She was brought onboard to ABD to establish efficient and effective operations within the compounding labs. This entailed the creation and implementation of extensive policies and procedures. With that, she was able to bring the lab to the next level and led the ABD team to two compounding lab accreditations, making ABD the only pharmacy in Maine to hold this type of status. In addition to her more recent experience, she has managed in both corporate and locally structured pharmacy organizations. When Cassi learned of the potential sale of ABD’s Marginal Way operations, she brought together the partnership you see today.

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Stephen Drapeau, RPh, JD

Stephen brings over 20 years of experience working in various pharmacy settings, including compounding, retail and specialty pharmacy, to Coastal Pharmacy & Wellness. He is a third generation independent pharmacist and grew up learning, first hand, the value of serving the community through working in his father’s and grandfather’s family-owned pharmacy. He welcomes the opportunity to use these accumulated experiences to provide patients and practitioners with the most comprehensive pharmaceutical based support.

In addition, Stephen has practiced as an attorney in both Maine and Massachusetts. He has used his experience in both areas to serve as a consultant in medication malpractice cases and worked with District Attorney offices as a consultant in medication induced OUI cases. These experiences have created a firm belief that through counseling and education, individuals are empowered with greater knowledge on the affects of prescription medications.