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The browntail moth rash is an incredibly itchy rash similar to poison ivy. It has been affecting countless people in Midcoast Maine. In some people, the rash occurs when the toxic hairs of the browntail moth caterpillar embed in the skin. It can last for several days or even weeks. Treatment for the rash includes both over-the-counter and prescription medication.

Browntail Moth Rash Spray and Lotion with Woman Scratching Arm

Fortunately, we compound a prescription-strength solution for the rash. It has provided significant relief for hundreds of patients.* This soothing treatment is available as a spray or lotion.

Which form is right for me?

The spray covers a wide area and the lotion is good for the face, localized patches or children. We recommend you store both in the refrigerator for longevity and additional cooling relief.

Is it safe for children?

The lotion is preferred, however, it’s best to consult with your pediatrician. We can also make a customized formulation for your child if necessary. To discuss options, your practitioner can speak with one of our pharmacists at (207) 899-0886.

Is it covered by insurance?

Most insurance companies do not cover compounded prescriptions, but if you provide your information we can check. We can also provide a universal insurance claim form for you to submit on your own.

Request a Prescription

Both are available by prescription only, so you will need to see your doctor or urgent care facility. The office can call or fax a prescription for “browntail moth rash spray” or “browntail moth rash lotion.” Upon getting the call, your prescription will be processed as quickly as possible.

Many area healthcare offices and urgent care facilities are familiar with this compound. If they have questions, they can call us at (207) 899-0886.

Size Options

The browntail moth spray comes in 60 ml or 90 ml bottles. The 60 ml bottle contains about 230 sprays and the 90 ml bottle contains about 345 sprays.

The browntail moth lotion comes in 60 gm or 90 gm containers.

The larger sizes are best when the rash area is widespread.

Call (207) 899-0886 or email
to speak with a pharmacist.

Myself and many patients have been spared sleepless nights of itching from browntail moth rashes by this product. It is a relief to have confidence in this prescription instead of experimenting with other topical treatments.

Josie Skavdahl, ND, CPM

I’ve had browntail moth rash multiple times and recommend your product to anyone who gets the rash. Your product is like gold!

Park Ranger, Freeport

Visit our browntail moth information page or more information on the browntail moth, how to prevent the rash, and links to area resources.

*Although this medication has been effective for many people, it is not guaranteed. Every body is unique and responds in different ways. It is formulated to ease the symptoms of the rash and is not a cure.


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