Product Spotlight: CPW Healing and Moisturizing Gel

Our compounding department is up to date on the newest technology for creams, gels and topical product bases. We have finally been able to private label this superior moisturizing gel to reduce the appearance of scars. This product has a silicone base, known for its ability to hydrate and protect delicate skin and fresh scars. Clinical evidence from double-blind placebo-controlled studies on traumatic, surgical or acne related scarring illustrated impressive effects. The results from PCCA Technical Report: Efficacy of PracaSil™-Plus in scar therapy treatment: a randomized, double-blind, controlled pilot trial. © 2013 PCCA Science | 2TR0513 were as follows:

Visual Analog Scale (VAS): According to the VAS assessment, 20% of test group volunteers showed an improvement in scar length, 40% in scar color intensity and 80% in scar texture/smoothness. On average, scar length was reduced 2.5%, scar color intensity 20%.”


This smooth, rich gel can have additional therapeutics added by a prescriber like antioxidants or antihistamines to increase the healing effect; it can even have medications compounded into it to address keloid scarring. However on its own it has remarkable abilities to nourish, protect and soothe angry skin and increase recovery time. It even works great on stubborn diaper rashes!

Ask our staff more about our CPW Moisturizing gel for your skin concerns!

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