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Essential Seasonal Wellness Advice from Area Specialists

Snowshoeing on a Lake with Mountains
If you were to rate the seasons by the level of health challenges they present, winter would be a perfect 10. It's cold, it's dark, no one wants to exercise, we want comfort food and extra fat to stay warm, and the holidays? To say winter seasonal wellness is a challenge would be a major understatement. We've reached out to our expert friends for advice and share it with you here.

Conventional and Natural Treatment Options for Allergy Relief

Woman holding flowers with gas mask.
The advent of spring means the arrival of higher pollen counts and, unfortunately for some, bad allergies. To enjoy the season with less discomfort, our pharmacists and wellness specialists offer a few conventional and natural options for relief. We know that if you suffer from allergies, you want all options on the table.

Elderberry for Food, Medicine & Health

Inspired by years of teaching germ-ridden high school students, Abbie has found ways of boosting immunity naturally through food. Since finding these immunity boosters, she has gone 10 years without a cold. She also started an elderberry farm. How’s that for a testament? Find out how they can help you.

Product Spotlight: Lyme Guard

The incidence of Lyme disease and other vector-borne illnesses are on the rise, and New Englanders have become very educated about ticks and tick-bite prevention. Ticks live in moist and humid environments, particularly in or near wooded or grassy areas. You may come into contact with ticks during outdoor activities around your home or when... Read more »

Product Spotlight: Ocean Elements Sunscreen

Dermatologist J. Michael Taylor, MD, MP understands the value of sunscreen, and the needs of sensitive skin. As a Mainer, he also knows what great resource the ocean is for medicinal seaweeds, corals and algae, and has included 5 marine ingredients in the sunscreen for superior anti-inflammatory and protective properties. The Ocean Element (OE) sunscreen... Read more »

CPW Featured Recipe: Rose Petal Elixir

photo: The rose is a timeless symbol of love and pleasure. Fossil evidence shows the genus Rosa existed 35 million years ago. Cultivation is evidenced up to 5,000 years ago in China, and the Roman Empire called the rose a symbol of mirth and pleasure, companion to wine. More than 10,000 types of roses... Read more »