Interactions Between Prescription Drugs and Natural Supplements

It is estimated that at least 15 million adults in the U.S. are at risk for supplement-drug interactions. While many supplements are safely used by millions of patients, complex formulations or botanical products may affect the action or the effect of some prescription medications. As a great majority of patients do not disclose nutritional or herbal intake with their healthcare providers, the potential exists for problems with pairings.

Some interactions are potentially harmful and should be avoided. However, other interactions may be beneficial or supportive when used in combination with certain prescription medications. See our page on drug nutrient depletions for more information on ways to protect your body against vitamin and mineral loss related to everyday medications. Taking advantage of known and clinically proven herb/drug interactions can increase outcomes and patient quality-of-life and allow for a more ‘patient-centric’ approach to healthcare.

Coastal Pharmacy & Wellness is an important resource for clinicians and patients, providing education, guidance, and monitoring of the use of herbs, nutrients, and prescription medications. In addition to carrying a full line of the highest quality vitamin and mineral supplements, herbal health products, homeopathic remedies, aromatherapy, and other natural products, we have knowledgeable staff on hand with the clinical expertise needed to guide your supplementation.

We work closely with healthcare providers to devise a personalized nutritional strategy tailored to each patient’s unique needs and treatment regimen, and our recommendations are based on up-to-date, reliable, scientific information. With a focus on comprehensive health, we are your ally in ensuring supplement-drug interactions are both positive and beneficial.

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