Product Spotlight: Weight Management Aids from Emerald Labs

There are no magic bullets, so you can’t rely on supplements alone to maintain a healthy weight. They can, however, be a helpful boost to a balanced diet and exercise plan.

Emerald Labs African Mango - 60 vegetable caps

African Mango

  • Clinically-Proven lrvingia Gabonensis IGOB131®
  • Tocotriene Complex

Offers the full clinical serving of 100% pure IGOB131® proprietary extract, the only form shown to be clinically ­effective in a randomized double-blind placebo-controlled human clinical study to help: support up to 28.1 lbs. of healthy weight loss in as little as 10 weeks, plus reduce chronic hunger related to Leptin-Resistance.1 The addition of tocotrienols can further inhibit weight gain.2

Emerald Labs Weight Loss Health - 60 vegetable caps

Weight Loss Health

Caffeine & Stimulant-Free

  • Glucomanann
  • Green Coffee Bean
  • Clinically-Proven Meratrim®3

A blend of therapeutic amounts of synergistic nutrients that have been shown to help promote Healthy Weight Management and improve Metabolic Wellness.4

Emerald Labs Diet & Cleanse - 60 vegetable caps

Diet & Cleanse

Caffeine & Stimulant-Free

  • Clinically-Proven Meratrim®3
  • Green Coffee Bean (50% CGA)
  • Green Tea (45% EGCG)

A potent blend of extremely effective, yet naturally STIMULANT-FREE nutrients to support healthy WEIGHT MANAGEMENT and promote CLEANSING & DETOXIFYING.

  1. Ngondi, J.L., Etoundi, B.C., Nyangono, C.B. et al. IGOB131, a novel seed extract of the West African plant Irvingia gabonensis, significantly reduces body weight and improves metabolic parameters in overweight humans in a randomized double-blind placebo controlled investigation. Lipids Health Dis 8, 7 (2009). Web 16 Dec. 2022.
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