A Success Story from Joel

Many of you know Joel; one of our incredibly knowledgeable wellness specialists. Joel frequently spends long periods of time with people suffering from all sorts of issues. His interactions with people are true partnerships. He listens to symptoms and what has been tried in the past, shares information, and then finally guides the patient to the product most likely to help them. Although Joel may have a more reserved demeanor, these exchanges mean a lot to him.
This week, Joel shared details of a phone call with us that we just had to share with you. Here’s how it went:
I had received a phone call from an elderly customer with whom I had advised about her husband’s unfortunate condition a few weeks ago. He had been medicated for many years for an idiopathic vertigo. The prescription was marginally effective, but the side effects were becoming intolerable and they were searching for another approach.
After hearing her story, I suggested an encapsulated product that seemed appropriate for recovery. At first he did not seem to be responding, but they discovered he had not been taking the recommended dose. After increasing his intake, he underwent a remarkable transformation. His symptoms of dizziness abated and he was finally able to raise his arms over his head without fear of losing his balance. Many people have remarked on his improved presentation. His wife described it as if he had discovered “the fountain of youth.” He will continue using the product in hopes of even further improvements.
I often hear stories from people who have had success with products I’ve recommended. This story is unusual in that the transformation was so dramatic. In doing what we do day to day, it is all too easy to lose sight of why we are here in the first place. Reminders such as this are welcome.
I don’t hold Joel’s wealth of information so I can’t share stories like this. What I do know is that if something works, it works. Sometimes you need to try many different treatments to find relief. The fact that it may not have the endorsement of traditional western medicine means nothing. The true and one important fact is that this individual’s quality of life has improved. Period.
Stories like this fuel our passion to support integrative modalities. If you haven’t found relief, always remain open to alternate possibilities. It may take a while to figure it out, but always keep trying!

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Coastal Pharmacy & Wellness Staff

Coastal Pharmacy & Wellness Staff

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