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I don’t know one Mainer that doesn’t breathe a sigh of relief when the sun finally warms up and summer hits our glorious coast. Even the people who hate the heat brighten up with the longer days (as they crank the A/C.) Sun and sunlight have some very important effects on our health.  Sunlight triggers vitamin D production, and stimulates the pineal gland to release tryptamines which improve mood. Sunlight or UV light can also be therapeutic for people with psoriasis.  Plus, it just feels relaxing and enjoyable to warm our bones after a long chilly winter, especially the one we just had!

Sunlight or UV light can also be detrimental in excess. The worst case scenario from too much sunlight exposure is skin cancer. Keep an eye out for new bumps, moles, and other irregular skin spots that appear, especially if they are crusty, itchy, or bleed. Also, if moles or discolored spots that you already have suddenly start to change size or shape, it is always good to get them checked by a dermatologist.

Premature aging is another side effect of too much sun as the UV light damages collagen, decreasing skin’s elasticity and creating wrinkles. Age spots or brown discoloration and tiny blood vessel dilation called telangiectasia also result from sunlight’s effects on the outer layer of skin.

sukiladyUsing sunscreen, long clothing, hats, and choosing shade midday are all good practices for protecting the skin. We also like the suki skincare line for chemical free, highly active natural beauty care and anti-aging. The Radical Results Youth Serum is a densely packed vitamin complex with a deep delivery system to ensure the bioactive ingredients get absorbed swiftly and effectively. This serum reduces sagging skin and loss of firmness that accompanies aging with a collagen boosting dermal hydration complex and the signature suki high potency antioxidant rose concentrate.

Another product we love to restore the complexion after too much sun or wind is the new Even Tone Brightening Serum. This product is rich in suki’s patented “TLC Technology” formulated active ingredient vitamin C to fight free radicals and combat premature aging. Plus, it contains the signature complexion brightening complex with C, arbutin, lemon peel, licorice root and songyi mushroom to even discoloration and diminish the look of scars and redness. The serums can stand on their own to support a radiant complexion; however, combining them with a suki cleanser, toner, day cream and night oil appropriate for your skin type will bring even better results.

It is never too soon for all genders to start taking care of your skin. We believe in the power of this North Hampton, MA made super high quality, chemical free skin care line to regenerate your skin and protect from future damage. But don’t take our word for it – come try it for yourself!

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