Introducing Andrew Gray, PharmD

We are happy to introduce you to our new partner and pharmacist, Andrew (Drew) Gray, PharmD. You may have already spoken to him and, if so, you already know that he’s a great addition to the Coastal Family!

Drew has worked in Maine pharmacies for over 16 years. Most recently, he worked at BriovaRx specialty pharmacy, providing education to patients and providers on complex drug therapies. Before his three years in specialty pharmacy, his career focus was in retail pharmacy. You may recognize him from his years as a pharmacist at Walgreens and Osco pharmacies in Scarborough. He’s excited to be working at an independent pharmacy and is even more excited to be formulating custom compounds.

He received his Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Rhode Island in 2009. Upon graduation, he moved back to his home state of Maine, where he thoroughly enjoys the Maine way of life. “Providing honest and friendly patient care has been the mainstay of my pharmacy career. There’s nothing more rewarding than establishing a relationship with a patient and being able to have a positive impact on their health and life”.

In addition to his work, Drew enjoys sailing, paddleboard racing, running, night photography, and working in his woodshop.

Drew joins partners Joe Lorello, RPh, Cassi Brooks, and Meredith Downing, PharmD. Cassi Brooks oversees the operations at Coastal and also spends time in our wellness department, assisting customers with supplement questions. Joe, Meredith, and Drew are full-time pharmacists, working with doctors and patients to formulate customized prescription medications. Together, they bring unique traits that have led to an extraordinary level of synergy and dedication to common goals. They all feel incredibly fortunate to have found each other. How did we get so lucky?

About the Author

Kim Crabb

Coastal Pharmacy & Wellness Staff

Kim is the marketing director at Coastal Pharmacy & Wellness and has been in the pursuit of wellness for decades. She led a workplace wellness program for over 12 years where she discovered that she loved helping people make positive healthy changes. You can often find her mired in information rabbit holes while researching answers to seemingly straightforward questions. It's ok; she loves it because it means she can share new-found knowledge with lovely people like yourself!


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