Hey, guys! Being Healthy is Sexy

Now that I have your attention… it’s a common assumption that a lot of men don’t care about their health. The only thing routine about their exams is that they routinely don’t get them. The reasons behind it are deeply ingrained and are often culturally induced and reinforced. I can’t completely understand since I’m not a man, but I do know the problem is real and it’s killing some pretty incredible guys.

So, what’s your excuse?
Exams are embarrassing.
Yes, exams can sometimes be embarrassing, but you’re most likely not going to have dinner with your doctor next week anyway. The majority of what happens in an exam is harmless and your doctor has seen it all. It’s true.

I’d rather not know I’m sick.
Seriously? Does your wife know you think this? When caught early, many diseases are very manageable and haven’t reached the life-threatening stage. The only thing this mentality will do is leave your loved ones saying “if only he had…”

The cure is worse than the disease.
The top way to fight most preventable diseases is with diet and exercise combined with medication. Believe it or not, a better diet and taking walks are actually considered enjoyable by many. Even cancer, when caught early, can include treatment plans that are far better than the disease.

Physical exams are for hypochondriacs.
…said the guy in the ER having a heart attack. Do you think your car is sick when you take it in for an oil change? We all need maintenance. Think of physical exams as your periodic tune-ups.

The list of excuses is long. But whatever your excuse is, please reconsider. You’ll be happy you did and so will those who love you. Staying on top of your health is a lot easier than digging out from under disease. It’s really pretty simple if you follow these few guidelines.


When it comes to screenings, for most men, there’s only one you need to do yearly: your physical exam. Here, you’ll get a high-level view of your health status and can address any issues you’re having. Your doctor will discuss any need for additional exams.

Preventative-Screenings-for-MenSource: Health Net, 5/29/15

Know Yourself

You know your body better than anyone. If you feel things just aren’t right, get them checked out. Let’s go back to car maintenance. If your car starts hesitating at green lights or there’s a new rattle that shouldn’t be rattling, you’d make the time to check it out. Yes, a car is important but pretty insignificant compared to its owner (that would be you, not the bank).

We can never forget the all-important healthy lifestyle guidelines. You know them, so we won’t harp on them here. If you at least do the few things mentioned above, you’ve got a good start!


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