Author: Tom Stewart

Tom Stewart is an artist living in Penobscot, Maine. His desire to keep things interesting has resulted in a biology degree, a summer of marine science education, 5 years of full-time work on commercial fishing boats, and 20 years of commercial photography commingled with 14 years of fine art painting. For more information on Tom, visit

Tale of a Chronic Lyme Journey

Tom Stewart
Tom Stewart can pinpoint the exact day that his life was forever changed by Lyme disease. It was a day that his enormous energy dropped to nearly a standstill. Like most Lyme patients, he endured multiple misdiagnoses until getting the correct one. Through adhering to an aggressive and holistic treatment plan, he has gone in and out of remission. It's not an easy road to travel. Tom shares his story and prevention recommendations often, in order to raise awareness and help others. We encourage you to learn as much as possible about Lyme. By doing so, you can expedite a diagnosis or hopefully avoid it altogether.