Getting children to take medication can be a challenge. Kids may not like the taste or texture or color of a medication. They may find it difficult to swallow solid dosages or be afraid of injections. They may also simply resist having to take medication at all. At Coastal Pharmacy & Wellness, we specialize in compounding pharmacy services for pediatrics patients. Our highly trained compounding specialists work with parents, kids, and their healthcare providers to deliver customized treatments and individualized prescription delivery dosages and vehicles specific to the unique needs of children.

Compounding allows us to formulate pediatric preparations of medications not available in suitable pediatric dosage forms. It also enables us to change a concentration based on a child’s individual needs to reduce side effects and improve therapeutic outcomes. This also decreases the chances of medication and monetary waste.

In our compounding lab, we have the ability to change the delivery method of a prescription to increase the chances of effectiveness. We can compound oral medications into flavored lozenges, suspensions, or even lollipops to make administering the medication easier and more pleasant (for both parent and child). We can match a child’s taste and color preferences. We can also compound medications into topical creams or transdermal gels that can be easily applied for absorption through the skin.

Our compounding pharmacists will work in collaboration with you and your child’s health care providers to help make the medicine process as smooth and successful as possible.

Our services include:

  • On-site, state-of-the-art compounding lab
  • Expert knowledge of varied compounding treatment options and guidance to help determine which options are appropriate for each patient
  • Close collaboration with healthcare providers
    • Development of customized, appropriate therapies
  • Patient education and counseling
    • Onsite and phone consultations
    • Ongoing follow-up and support
  • Skilled guidance in nutrition and nutritional supplementation as needed
    • Full line of high-quality nutritional supplements available
  • Expert compounding using the highest quality ingredients
  • Formulations available in lollipops, lotions, creams, capsules, and troches