Coastal Pharmacy & Wellness is STILL OPEN FOR BUSINESS!

Joel Helping a Coastal CustomerMost importantly, Coastal continues to be your trusted source for

  • compounded prescriptions,
  • high quality vitamins and supplements,
  • herbal and homeopathic remedies,
  • natural personal care products, and
  • educational events.

Providing knowledgeable and friendly guidance to help people get and stay healthy is what drives us. We value the role we play in your health and are thankful for the opportunity to continue those services.

The Decision to Discontinue Commercial Pharmaceutical Services

We value the relationships we’ve developed with our patients more than words can say. Those relationships are what made the decision to discontinue providing commercial pharmaceuticals such a hard one.

Challenges involving preferred insurance networks, having to relocate our business by the end of the year and other conditions outside of our control, led us to two options: 1) discontinue offering commercial pharmaceuticals or 2) continue offering commercial pharmaceuticals and put the business’s future at considerable risk.

To continue serving the community as well as our employees, we had to choose the first option. This option will allow us to continue serving the community with compounded prescriptions and wellness products and the all-important opportunity to retain our staff members.

Patient Notification

Our plan was to notify patients much earlier than what actually occurred. Due to complications beyond our control, we were not able to start the notification process until much later than desired. We are truly sorry for the inconvenience this caused some of our patients and will do whatever we can to assist you in transferring your prescriptions to your pharmacy of choice.

Transfer of Your Commercial Prescription Records

It is required by law when a pharmacy discontinues a prescription service, they need to choose what is called a “custodian of records.” This must be done on the date that the pharmacy discontinues offering those medications. This rule helps ensure patients’ continuation of care. We chose Walgreens as the official custodian of records. Their location at 127 Marginal Way, only 530 feet from Coastal’s door, played a big part in that decision. We truly wanted to make this as convenient as possible for our patients.

Your prescription will not be filled until you take one of the following steps:

  1. Call Walgreens’ 127 Marginal Way location at (207) 771-5631. You can either tell them you’d like to use Walgreens for your prescriptions OR have them transfer them to another pharmacy.


  1. Contact your pharmacy of choice and ask them to call (207) 771-5631 to ask Walgreens to transfer your records to their pharmacy.

Important Note: Your Commercial prescription records are NOT in the Walgreens system

The database that contains your prescriptions is outside of the company-wide Walgreens presciption database. It is only accessible by pharmacy staff at the 127 Marginal Way location in order for them to transfer it where you’d like it to be. No other location can access your records and it will not be used for marketing purposes. It is only there as a record of the medication your doctor prescribed for you.

Your Custom Compounded Prescriptions

Your custom compounded prescriptions will still be available at Coastal Pharmacy & Wellness. Your records were not transferred to Walgreens and the process for new prescriptions and refills will continue without change.

Difference Between Compounded and Commercial Prescriptions  Where to Go

A Heartfelt Thank You

CPW Owners: Stephen, Joe, and CassiThe past couple weeks have been spent having some painful conversations. We’ve had to reduce the hours of our beloved pharmacist, Katie and have had to deliver the news to retail patients that have come to be family. We are so fortunate to maintain a lot of those relationships through compounding and wellness services; however, we are sad that we are not able to continue serving all pharmaceutical needs.

We thank our patients for welcoming us into their lives. We’ll miss seeing you for your commercial prescriptions but look very forward to serving your compounding and wellness needs for years to come!