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Mold Illness: How Mold Exposure Could Be Impacting Your Health

Dr. Aguiar and Dr. Zarembka will discuss how symptoms of various illnesses such as Lyme, can mimic those of mold-related illnesses. Chronically ill patients should consider the potential for mold involvement.

Dr. Jacob Aguiar, ND, Co-Founder of Scarborough Integrative Health
Dr. Steven Zarembka, ND, Scarborough Integrative Health

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Empower your Personal Home Health Routine to Increase Cognitive Performance and Reduce Symptoms of Cognitive Decline

What you will learn:

1.     The most current scientific research on the neuroprotective elements of botanical aromatic oils.  Merril will provide a Comprehensive summary of botanical chemical constituents and their effects on Cognitive health.

2.     Experience the aroma molecules of the 6 most effective plants that are used in mild to moderate dementia individuals and their caretakers.  While using your olfactory sense to smell the plant material, you will learn of the positive research results.

3.     Through a systematic series of challenges, Sue will discuss the importance of stimulating the Five Regions of your brain.  Sue will guide you into an introductory  Mind Fit Routine.


Sue Arsenault, BA, Owner of Home Care Assistance
Sue is the Owner/Operations Director for Home Care Assistance of Southern Maine.   Sue’s intention is to set a higher standard of excellence in-home care for older and or disabled adults which they so deserve. Sue fully embraces the importance of the Home Care Assistance exclusive Balanced Care™ model of care and Cognitive Therapeutics Program™ Sue considers it a privilege to ensure that her clients not only have their immediate needs cared for, but include quality of life activities to each care shift in the areas of nutrition, physical activity, and mental stimulation as well as spiritual wellbeing. 

Merril Abramson, D.Ay.,MA, BA, BSN, RN, Client Care and Community Outreach Manager, Home Care Assistance
Merril is the Client Care and Community Outreach Manager for Home Care Assistance.  Merril holds a Diploma in Ayurvedic Medicine from the United Nations, Certified in Clinical Aromatherapy, Integrative Holistic Nurse who developed the first Clinical Ayurvedic and Aromatherapy training for Healthcare Professionals at USM Continuing Education for Health Care Professionals, the first Integrative-Ayurvedic and Clinical Aromatherapy Practitioner Certification for the Boston Shiatsu School and is the developer of the East-West Adusa Ayurvedic Skin and Body line.  As a home health nurse, Merril became acutely aware of the lack of Cognitive Health Education in our community.  With the Home Care Assistance model, Merril is able to provide Scientifically based, holistic care plans that increase quality of life and reduce negative symptoms for those aging at home.

Sue and Merril are Champions of Aging in place as they share their joy of educating our community about non-pharmacological approaches to cognitive health that are consistent with scientific research.

Most Recent community involvement:  Merril and Sue were involved with the 2019 Portland Alzheimer’s Walk.  Sue was the Logistic Chair and Merril the Event Co-Chair.  For 2020, Sue will take over the role of Event Co-Chair as Merril develops the first,  CareGiver Mind and Body Balanced Care Program for Home Care Assistance to role out Spring 2020. 

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Fundamentals in Cancer Prevention: Changes You Can Make Today

The possibility of developing cancer is a concern at the top of almost everyone’s list. There are many things you can do today to reduce your risk. Dr. LaBant will be here to help you harness the power of prevention.

In this class she will outline:

  • The role of Naturopathic Medicine in cancer care
  • Discuss Primary Prevention and risk reduction strategies
  • Discuss the hallmarks of cancer
  • Incidence of cancer types and prevalence in New England
  • Root causes of Cancer- Toxin exposure, Environmental, Genetics, Epigenetics, Nutrigenomics
  • Blood sugar balance and its role in cancer
  • Role of the microbiome in cancer
  • Strategies for changes you can make today!

Dr. Miranda LaBant, The Sante Center for Natural Healing
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