Medicinal Raw Honey

Honey has been used for its medicinal purposes dating all the way back to the ancient Egyptians so it only makes sense to have some high-quality honey options here at CPW like Ariel’s Honey Infusions. All of Ariel’s Honey Infusions are made in small batches by Ariel using raw honey from VT and infused with locally sourced, beneficial herbs (when possible).

Raw honey has not been heated, preserving all the naturally occurring vitamins, enzymes and nutritional elements.  Eating raw honey has many benefits such as immune health or a digestive aid, it’s a great sugar substitute and many people use it for allergy relief. Raw honey also promotes good energy levels.

7805646_origEach of Ariel’s honey has specific benefits based on the herbs it is infused with. We currently carry the Rose and Lavender infused honey which is a  lovely blend to promote relaxation and stress relief; Ariel also recommends it for easing an aching heart.  The elderberry infused honey is top seller, it’s a delicious way to support a healthy immune system. The Buzzers Bliss is another infusion we carry which promotes stress relief, digestion and immune support.

There are many ways to use Ariel’s Honey Infusions ~ for example you can pair it with cheese, spread it on your toast, stir some in your tea or just eat it by the spoonful. It also makes a great gift. Please stop in to talk to our knowledgeable staff for more information or visit Ariels Honey online for specific information on this medicinal and culinary honey.

Buy Local! We appreciate your support of our local, independent pharmacy. Thank you ~ CPW

About the Author

Melissa Brodeur

Coastal Pharmacy & Wellness Staff

Melissa works in the nutraceutical and retail areas of the pharmacy and practices massage at Bee Well Massage in Portland. Her goal is to stay connected to her three passions: alternative health, music, and bees, by providing off-beat, creative healing methods to musicians and artists, and creative minds alike. Through her work with these creative minds, she hopes to reach out to those who want to achieve a deep respect for themselves, our community and the earth.

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