Coastal is Expanding

We have some exciting news! Our business is growing, and we’re busting at the seams. So, to give us some breathing room, we’re expanding into the space next door.

What’s going into the space?

The expansion will double the size of our compounding lab and will provide space for other necessities, such as a much-needed private office for Cassi and a larger breakroom. So, Cassi will no longer have to share an office with Kim and shelves of business supplies, and staff will no longer have to eat in their cars when more than two people are dining. We’re practically euphoric! 

How will this affect me?

Although the expansion will be seamless to you, it will provide the opportunity to enhance customer care through new initiatives. For example, having more compounding hoods means more workspace to ensure you get your medications as quickly as possible. We also have more room for new compounding technology and space to experiment with new formulations. This is a really good thing.

Space for Additional Patient Support

The expansion also makes way for a consultation office. Among other things, the office will be used for patient consultations and as a shared office space for health practitioners. This will be an evolution of sorts, but we will be starting with one practitioner, which brings us to our next announcement.

Welcome, Lindy Grigel

Lindy Grigel, MHP, PA-C, CCH
Lindy Grigel, MHP, P.A.-C, CCH

Lindy Grigel, MHP, P.A.-C, CCH, will be the first practitioner to use our new shared office space. Many of you know of Lindy because she has been a respected integrative medicine provider for decades. Through those years of practice, she has earned the opportunity to decrease her full-scale Falmouth practice to travel and enjoy more time with family and friends. True to her community-centered mindset, she will continue her practice in a way that allows her to balance her personal and professional values. 

Who will she serve?

During her office hours at Coastal, she will see existing patients but will no longer be taking new patients. She will also share her wide range of knowledge through educational videos, articles, and talks. Topics will include homeopathy, children’s health, stress management, immune health, and so much more. Although pediatric health has been her focus, her depth spans generations. 

We are honored that Lindy has chosen Coastal as the location to round out an exceptional career. We’re also excited to help connect Lindy with our community. If you’re in the pharmacy and she is between patients, she’s happy to have a quick chat with anyone who has questions. Although she may not be a member of our staff, she shares our philosophy: the more knowledge is shared, the healthier our community will be. 

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Kim Crabb

Coastal Pharmacy & Wellness Staff

Kim is the marketing director at Coastal Pharmacy & Wellness and has been in the pursuit of wellness for decades. She led a workplace wellness program for over 12 years where she discovered that she loved helping people make positive healthy changes. You can often find her mired in information rabbit holes while researching answers to seemingly straightforward questions. It's ok; she loves it because it means she can share new-found knowledge with lovely people like yourself!


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