Introducing suki Beauty

We are pleased to announce suki® – strong solutions for skin problems. This Northampton, MA based company is independently owned by Suki Kramer, a woman who had sensitive, eczema-prone skin. Even after years of being told that she was “trying the impossible” she consulted with progressive industry chemists and leading practitioners and began formulating, resulting in a truly unique ideal –  highly potent, 100% pure (really!), sensual products. Eleven years later the suki® line is winning awards and has risen as the cream of the crop of 100% pure products proven to work. (She even has clinical trials.)

The suki tagline know your beauty® speaks to the company’s mission: to empower women (and men) to define beauty on their own terms, to create strong solutions for skin problems so that people can look and feel amazing, and of course to take their health and well-being into their own hands.

Three things have to occur to be named a suki product –
  1. It must be 100% pure
  2. It must be formulated using high potency cosmecueticals (vitamins, minerals & highly refined actives (like their NATURAL ‘TLC’ salicylic acid derived from white willow)
  3. All “actives” must have behind them real scientific proof that they work.

Even the packaging of suki skincare is as chemical-free as possible. When you come in you will notice everything is in glass bottles, eliminating toxic plastic exposure and the boxes are post-consumer recycled paper with responsible coatings and printing partners.

Our skin changes as we change, and the

suki® line is designed to adapt to your evolving needs. Coastal Pharmacy & Wellness is starting with two fundamental skin concerns: Balancing for combo/oily skin (anti-acne), and Nourishing for combo/dry skin (anti-aging).

Products such as the pure facial moisture-balancing and the concentrated balancing toner address bacteria, oil production and inflammation with the time-honored essential oil blue chamomile and white willow salicins. Products such as the intensive nourishing cream and eye lift radiance renewal cream address elastin and collagen production and are high in potent antioxidants. We recognize that everyone needs a unique skin care regimen, and many of us have contradictory issues. suki® is so clean that it actually harmonizes complex skin conditions rather than masking the issues with hidden synthetics. These products are made to be used long term in an organic, evolutionary way along with your skin’s natural cycles.

What should you start with? Not every skin care regimen needs to be complicated. When you are using high quality products you can maximize your results with a simple approach. The gentle foaming exfoliant cleanser and a moisturizer may be all that is needed for everyday maintenance. For those of us who are more focused on nurturing healthy aging, suki® has an incredible youth serum with resveratrol and time-released ‘TLC’ vitamin C that makes every morning a spa morning.

Come in and try our new testers and see for yourself what is right for your skin! We will also be carrying TSA-approved to-go sizes and complete care kits with at least 1-2 months-worth of products in your skin type so you can try out the perfect products for you before investing in full sizes.

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Coastal Pharmacy & Wellness Staff

Coastal Pharmacy & Wellness Staff

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