Product Spotlight: Honey Girl Skincare

Here at Coastal Pharmacy & Wellness, we do our very best to offer you top of the line products from responsible, knowledgeable and Earth-friendly companies at a reasonable price.  Honey Girl Organics not only meets these goals but exceeds them. Honey Girl is owned and operated by a husband & wife team along with their business partner, a Chiropractic Doctor. They are passionate beekeepers in Hawaii and use the propolis, beeswax, honey and other beneficial products from their beloved bees, along with high-quality skin-centric ingredients to provide us with a line of handcrafted, organic skincare.

We currently carry their Number 1 selling product, the Face and Eye Cream, which offers moisturizing and repairing benefits while being gentle enough to use on the delicate skin around the eyes. he Facial Toner is a gorgeous product for skin of all ages with antibacterial propolis, and time-honored rose and neroli oils to purify, hydrate and invigorate your skin giving it a healthy glow. We are happy to carry both The Lotion and The ManKin lotion for men. Both are extra rich in nutrients to hydrate and beautify with ingredients like olive oil, beeswax, and essential oils – these products are so clean you could eat them! Finally,  the Facial Cleanser and Make-up Remover is really a one of a kind product. It is based on the principal one removes oil with oil, and works to stimulate the skin’s vitality with an energizing complex of vitamins and minerals while recharging tired cells. Your face will feel radiantly healthy and moisture-rich after the first use! We will be adding more of their bee-autiful products to our shelves soon like the After-Sun Lotion and Moisture Intensive Mask.

Please stop into CPW and try these beautiful rich organic beauty products and get more information on this Hawaiian skin care line from our helpful staff. You can also visit their website  Honey Girl Organics is Absolutely the Purest Skincare You’ll Ever Find ~ As they say, “If you wouldn’t eat, why wear it?”

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Coastal Pharmacy & Wellness Staff

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