Treat friends and family to gifts that show you care. 
Below are some ideas to get you started but let us know if you need more! 

Coffee and Chocolate - Under $25

Coffee and Chocolate

This one's a sure crowd-pleaser. Start with local favorite, Coffee by Design coffee and add a few Primordial Chocolate bars. True to form, Host Defense has mixed in their most popular mushrooms in these bars in order to give them a healthy kick. They're also made with 70% cacao and only 7-8 grams of sugar. Much better than your standard 25-30 gram chocolate bar!

Total cost: $16 (with one bar)

Contains a Maine-made product.

Mineral Fusion and Earth Therapeutics Manicure Set

A Manicure You Can Feel Good About

Practice healthier manicures with Minerals on a Mission. Mineral Fusion is committed to creating beauty products with a conscience. Their products are free of parabens*, phthalates*, gluten, artificial colors, and other harsh ingredients.

Total cost: $29

*Compounds found in many cosmetic and personal care products that can increase your chances of developing cancer and other health problems.

Gerolsteiner Sparkling Mineral Water, Herbal Revolution Blueberry Shrub and Zen Bear Honey Tea

Healthy Mocktails with Drinking Vinegar Shrubs

The holidays are typically a time of over-indulging on food and drinks. Drinking vinegars (shrubs) provide a healthy alternative to traditional cocktails. They're most festive when you add a sprig of rosemary, mint or other favorite garnish. Flavors available are Maine Wild Blueberry, Rose Petal and Maine White Pine.

Gerolsteiner sparkling mineral water kicks it up a notch with 2,500mg of minerals per liter. That includes 1/3 RDA of calcium and 1/4 RDA of magnesium!

Sample Recipe*

    ½ oz Herbal Revolution Maine Wild Blueberry Shrub
    ½ tbsp. Zen Bear Blue Moon Honey Tea
    Gerolsteiner sparkling water
    2-3 fresh mint leaves

Total cost: $28

*Recipe card included.

Contains a Maine-made product.​

Mineral Water and Bitters

Healthy Mocktails with Digestive Bitters

This is a great choice for times when you're outside of your healthy eating routine and need some extra digestive support. Urban Moonshine has a number of flavors and formulas that can help relieve nausea, heartburn, gas, bloating and can help with gentle detoxing.

Gerolsteiner sparkling mineral water kicks it up a notch with 2,500mg of minerals per liter. That includes 1/3 RDA of calcium and 1/4 RDA of magnesium!

Sample Recipe*

    1 tsp Urban Moonshine Digestive Bitters
    Splash of ginger beer or syrup
    1 c Gerolsteiner sparkling mineral water
    4 sprays of Digestive Bitters for rim of glass
    Cranberries and rosemary for garnish

Total cost: $22

*Recipe card included.

Intensive Hand Care Kit

Intensive Hand Care Kit

If you know someone who has painfully dry hands every year, this is your ticket to getting in their good graces. Here's their new regimen, thanks to you:
  1. Lay off harsh antibacterial soaps and wash with a soothing soap. Grandpa Soap Company's oatmeal soap contains soothing rolled oats and colloidal oatmeal along with calming chamomile flower extract to bring peace to irritated skin.
  2. Moisturize often. Gardener's Hand Repair uses oatmeal, shea butter and herbs such as chamomile and comfrey to help heal and soothe.
  3. Once a week; slather on a good dose of Aveena Botanicals' Heal-All Salve, cover your hands with cotton gloves and sleep the deep sleep experienced by those with baby-soft skin. Aaaah...

Total cost: $38

Contains a Maine-made product.​

Winter Skin Relief Kit

Winter Skin Rescue Kit

Winter skin can be get very uncomfortable. The products included in this set are the benchmark for keeping itchy winter skin at bay.

Includes both hand and body lotions, an omega-3 supplement (among so many other benefits, omega-3s can support healthy skin by influencing the cell's ability to hold water), soothing oatmeal soap and, lip balm.

Total cost: $49

Fabulous Facial Care That Won't Break the Bank

Andalou is one of our favorites for good reason. Their products are all Non-GMO Project Verified, gluten free, organic, nature-derived, vegetarian, vegan, sustainably-sourced, fair trade and cruelty free. Nearly as cool as all that is that they're reasonably-priced incredible products that work!

Total cost: $76

Essential Oil Starter Kit - Under $100

Essential Oil Starter Kit

Know someone who'd love to use essential oils more but hasn't taken the plunge? Get them a starter kit! This kit has everything you'd need to start a solid practice of essential oil usage.

The components suggested here are:
  • The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy
  • Four commonly used oils: eucalyptus, lavender, lemon and peppermint
  • Three different dispensers: roll-on, dropper bottle and spray
  • Jojoba carrier oil
  • Witch hazel carrier liquid

Total cost is about $90 depending on the products you choose.

Contains a Maine-made product.

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