Clarification on Recent Apothecary by Design News

Although we are entering our third year as independently owned Coastal Pharmacy & Wellness, the confusion with our connection to Apothecary by Design still lingers. We get it. It wasn’t an easy transition to understand! All that is important to remember, is that Coastal Pharmacy & Wellness is an independent compounding pharmacy and nutritional wellness store with no connection to any other business; ABD or otherwise.

Many have asked, but rest assured that the latest news about CVS Health purchasing Apothecary by Design has absolutely no impact on us. We are not connected to Apothecary by Design in any way and only know what has been reported in the news; just like you.

We know a lot of you value local business and want to keep Portland independent. We share those values and thank you for your support!

In order to help clarify things, we think the infographic below may help.  If you have further questions feel free to reach out to any one of us.

Joe, Cassi, and Stephen
Owners of Coastal Pharmacy & Wellness

Coastal Pharmacy & Wellness Timeline - History

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Coastal Pharmacy & Wellness Staff

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